Say hello to the best Mobile Legends team in the world, BREN Esports!

The gaming world stood still when Philippines’ team BREN Esports went up against Mayanmar’s very own Burmese Ghouls in the finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M2 World Championship in Singapore on Sunday, January 24.

A best-of-7 series, the squad had to climb their way back up after losing to Burmese Ghouls during the playoffs, sending them to the lower bracket.

However, BREN launched into an act of redemption, beating and eliminating Indonesia’s RRQ Hoshi, 3-1, to earn their place back in the finals and set up a rematch between the Ghouls.

A heart-stopping series of matches

BREN Esports drew first blood when they defeated Ghouls and took a 2-0 lead. It was KarlTzy, a.k.a Lancelot Gods, who led the PH squad across the favorable start. But the next 3 matches were won by Burmese Ghouls, pushing the Filipino team to the edge of a silver-medal finish. The score was 3-2, and Myanmar only needed one more win to secure the whopping cash prize amounting to US$140,000 (P6,729,870.00) and the world champions title.

In game 6, BREN Esports decided to be a little more creative with their draft picking. KarlTzy opted out of his comfort picks, Lancelot and Claude, and instead chose the new marksman Brody. BREN won the match to force a deciding game 7.

The do-or-die game 7 was as 14-minute burst of non-stop action. Interestingly, Bren opted for an offlane Harith and a support Luo Yi, while they had KarlTzy’s Claude for the core. The neck-to-neck battle reached its major turning point at the 12-minute mark, when Claude was able to steal a kill from the opponent in the Lord’s pit. After an intense team fight that left the Myanmar team with Lunox the only hero alive, BREN took advantage of the moment and secured the lord.

At this point, there was no stopping BREN Esports. With lord marching onto the middle lane, they seized the opportunity to push the bottom lane. Ribo’s Harith was able to pick off RubyDD’s Grock, and while FlapTzy’s Baxia was also killed off in the blood bath, Claude got two consecutive kills from Lapu-Lapu and Brody. With only Lunox left to defend, the remaining four heroes of BREN locked onto the enemy’s base and finally ended the match.

After making headlines for pulling the first-ever savage at the M2, KarlTzy was hailed as the MVP of the series, finishing the last match with 10 kills, 6 assists, and only 1 death.

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