UP JMA, the premier marketing organization of UP Diliman held All aboard Presents: Formosa last May 11, 2018 at Cities Events Place.

Formosa, a complete summer escape is UP Diliman’s answer to the scorching heat in the Metro. With performance of the up and coming local acts from their own roster to those already out there.

Not your ordinary college party…

Students from all over participated in a night of relaxation as they pool themselves in an evening of fun, and games with the sole purpose of highlighting UP’s very own talents with the inclusion of some of the uprising acts in the country.

Surprisingly, it is not your ordinary college party. Most of the proceeds will go to their main beneficiaries, the UP KIDS (Kids Integrated Development through Schooling) to which 40 underprivileged students’ tuition fees are subsidized and are provided with monthly stipends.

And UP JMA over the years has continued to create events like some of the biggest (UP Cosmos, ADHOC:The Final Reveal, etc.,) in their continued effort to aid and support their beneficiary groups needing it.

What went down…

With their final week already in the works, UP students from all over colleges were treated to a much needed night of spectacle and music. 12 moneys opened up the evening, followed by one of Spot’s 10 Up-And-Coming Local Acts – Tala, as she rendered some of her unreleased songs. With the inclusion of UP’s newest band favorite – ANO (Any Name is Okay); and the Wanderband winner – Lola Amour with the two of the rising DJ’s Ian and Zelijah.

The Interviews

We got an exclusive interview with most of the artists’ in the roster and let me tell you it was insightful. Look out for the separate release of those interviews here.

In a nutshell thou, All I can is that the talents showcased that night is not your typical one. It was a mash-up of this newest generation fondness for chill beats with their latest reinvention of what OPM is nowadays. With a bit of retro and the emergence of electronic and trap not too far behind; I’d say these so-called “newcomers” have a fighting chance to bring OPM to a whole new level, farther from where it is now.

Check the Aftermovie out below: