Parties and events are generally the life of almost every city and one that is solely organized and is for women isn’t new, (like motherhood events and what not) but what is unusual is an event/gig that is mostly male dominated (the music scene) that is literally for women only. Thankfully, the women behind Flying Ipis did it differently, where (in every sense of the word) #No BoysAllowed is strictly enforced – with every single person in the venue (even the baristas, bouncers and all) are female. Just to show everyone that it can be done, and that Girls Definitely Do It Better.

In a male dominated scene, booking an all female band for an event isn’t easy – since, basically – there aren’t a lot of them around. While having “girl’s night” gigs aren’t new, most bands that play these shows are usually acoustic artists and duos, or are basically just female fronted bands. What started out as just wanting to produce a gig for them to play in, with an all female artist, sparked an idea to challenge themselves to have everyone – from the sound tech, bartenders, and bouncers – be female too. Nobody’s ever pulled off an event like this, and since women always most definitely do whatever they set their minds on — then, you can most certainly count on these fearless women to take this challenge on just because they can.

For a gig that’s originally meant to feel a lot like going to a friend’s house party, the turnout was better than they’ve expected. Walking into STKD Zepplin, it really does feel a lot like just walking into a house party. It also brought me back to my early gig going days where I’d show up to Saguijo alone (and anxious in between sets) just to see my favorite bands play. The first thing that greets you as you make your way in are tattoo artists Wiji Lacsamana and Chronic Ink’s Mia Claravall-Reyes at work. 

The night was filled with good music, both during and in between performances, with great company. You can also see several pocket groups of women gathered in different parts of the space that move around each other from time to time, either to get a drink at the bar, witness a friend get inked, or just get a better view of the performances. One of the night’s memorable moments was Aia de Leon’s set that turned into a great sing along as she played old Imago songs like Sundo and Akap. You could feel the sheer joy and kilig radiating from everyone in the room.

Pole Dolls also gave amazing performances that night. There really is a huge difference being in an all women gig night that. While I am no stranger to consuming live music in small venues, and feel relatively safe, there’s definitely something about being around fellow women that makes you feel okay about letting your guard down to have fun and enjoy the night. One very good instance of this is when I overheard a girl who was about to take a video of the live pole dance performance , asking for permission from the dancer if it is okay to take a video for her IG story. Now, that is something else, a definite show of respect. 

Throughout the gig – “time certainly flies when having fun” is my main feel and that’s never been more true than that night when sets have been pushed later and later due to some unforeseen circumstances, with us barely even noticing! It wasn’t until Toni B’s set, the second to the last act that night, when she asked if she should cut her set short because it was already past 2am! did we notice where the time went. 

The night really is proof that Girls Do It better, and that isn’t a bias commentary – it is for the most part, the phrase I’d use to describe the whole night in a nutshell. Kudos to the organizers! We should do more of these soon!