Summer is primetime for music festivals. Wanderland, Malasimbo, and Chroma are some yearly staples in the summer music scene. In the midst of all these indie, pop, and rock music events, heavy metal fans must be feeling a bit left out. Well, worry no longer! Pulp Summer Slam is coming, and it’s going to be hardcore. Clear your schedules on April 29, and head on over to the Amoranto Stadium at Quezon City.

Pulp Summer Slam’s 17th Year!

For its 17th year, Southeast Asia’s biggest and longest running metal fest is upping the ante. Pulp Summer Slam is going to have a whopping 12 bands: Dragonforce, Whitechapel, Crossfaith, I See Stars, Gods of Eden, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Wilabaliw, Razorback, Kjwan, Shotgun Combo (2016 Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban Champion), and of course, the headliner: Megadeth.

Pulp Summerslam

For those of you not familiar with Megadeth, they’re basically thrash metal legends. They’ve been playing since the 80s, only taking a break during the early 2000s. Their songs “Symphony of Destruction”, “Peace Sells”, and “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” are not just headbanging tunes; they read like poetry.

Back in 2012, Megadeth performed a solo show here in Manila. It was a one night gig, but that was more than enough for the thousands of metalheads By the time “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” was played, the entire hall seemed to be moving from all the jumping and thrashing. David Ellefson, the bassist, said it was long overdue that they performed here.

So what are you waiting for, buy that ticket, don your best black shirt, and get ready for that reckoning day! You can check out Pulp Summer Slam’s official Facebook page for more info, and the UDOU Facebook page for more epic events like this.

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Featured image is from Pulp Summer Slam Facebook Page!