Today we take a look back at what happened during the amazing Bacardi House Party held last April 6, 2017 at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City.

There were actually two stages for the performers: one inside the house itself and one at the gardens. People who wanted to chill outside had small makeshift seats in the center of the garden so they can drink and enjoy the music. Others wanted to drink and observe the whole party at the second floor terrace, where there was also a mini Bacardi bar that served drinks.

Bacardi House Party Performers

Bacardi had several of our country’s best DJs to cover the night. Some of the big shots included lawyer/DJ Marc Marasigan, Travis Monsod, Kat DJ, Ron Poe, Knoxville, the Naval Brothers, the beautiful Katsy Lee, X-Factor, and more.

At the peak of the night, our very own Victor Pring gathered the crowd at the garden stage. DJ X-Factor and Champ Lui Pio  performed a collaboration with Victor hyping up the crowd. They covered “Slide” by Calvin Harris and “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd. I’m envious of Champ’s incredible genes. He still looks good even though he was already sweating due to his performance.

Everyone Enjoyed

Surprisingly, the whole property was packed even though it wasn’t a Friday night. We even saw some celebrities such as singer Michael Pangilinan, news anchor Gretchen Fullido, and more! Everyone really had a great time. The atmosphere was great. Bacardi’s neon lights and the tub were some of the most popular spots for people to take a selfie with.

If you liked the Bacardi House Party, then you’ll like our upcoming What’s Your Cool event even more. I can’t really say who will be there, but there is a chance that some of the performers at Bacardi will be present at What’s Your Cool as well.

Are you ready to party with us again?