NoEgo welcomed the weekend at B-Side, The Collective for ANARCHY: The NoEgo Anniversary Party featuring Lit Lords. A number of things were lined up for Manila on December 15, but those who chose to head over to Makati didn’t regret a thing.

What Went Down

Roy de Borja opened for the crowd at around 8:00 PM. The first thing you notice when you enter a NoEgo event is the sense of community. Every single person who entered the venue seemed to know at least one person who was already inside. ANARCHY veteran Julian Otsuka hit the decks next with MC Christy-Z on the mic, followed by DJ-drummer duo Dom Go and Lorenzo Santos, and MC Croox. People wore matching NoEgo shirts in support for the event, but the color of the night was narrowed down to black, white, and grey. Lorenzo Santos’ live drums filled in the song breaks and added a new layer to the duo’s set. MC Croox’s energy rose and rose while the crowd’s shyness disappeared; he invited everyone to come closer and they followed with the bass blasting through the speakers.


The tandem of Siangyoo and MC DM welcomed the ANARCHY crowd to Sianglyf as the fourth act but the night was still early. Those who got a chance to reach the front row stayed put with their hands on the barrier, enjoying the intricacies of the opening DJs. “Bass machine extraordinaire” DIMAS came up next with MC Chunk. Their set was not one to miss with the hype blasting through the roof and trippy visuals playing on the LED screen, taking us on a psychedelic journey. The pair even spread some Christmas cheer with a Jose Mari Chan remix.

DIMAS and MC Chunk for ANARCHY

Right when we thought the crowd would lose some of their spark, they proved us wrong with the arrival of the men of the hour—Lit Lords! The duo, composed of Isiah Anderson & Wade Hampton, traveled all the way from Texas to grace ANARCHY with their Hard Trap presence. Lit Lords reinvigorated the headbanging populace with their filthy, dirty, and grimy tracks that echoed in B-Side. Anderson and Hampton proved to us that if there’s anyone we should thank for the newest subgenre in dance music, it’s Lit Lords. Just like the first ANARCHY installment, veteran Renz Elma shook the venue with his closing set alongside MC Ronthug who came fresh from Maskipaps 2017. He showed the same spunk he gave off during BASS N’ BACON 3, showing off his luscious hair that’s become more or less part of his identity.

Lit Lords for ANARCHY

Lit Lords for ANARCHY

Not Just For Show

The event was, without a doubt, the perfect year-ender for NoEgo and the other bassheads around. When we asked NoEgo founder Patrick Rubin if there’s a demographic for Hard Trap in the Philippines, he nodded his head with strong conviction. ANARCHY corroborated his answer, but the community is more than what meets the eye. We don’t know if it’s collective headbanging or the matching dance moves, but the true passion for the emerging subgenre is alive in NoEgo and its supporters. On top of that, the makings of great MCs and DJs lie in events like Anarchy where the voice of one person can become the voice of the tens, hundreds, or thousands in the crowd.

U DO U would like to thank NoEgo for bringing us in as a media partner for the second time. Congratulations on the second event and we can’t wait for what NoEgo has to bring us this 2018!

Photos taken by Simon Vigan