To fully support and celebrate Women’s Month, Pordalab released their song ‘Kalahati ng Mundo’ featuring Det Neri’s Artwork and John NL Leyson’s Mayari baybayin.

Upon listening to this song, as a woman, it pushed me to ask myself: Why do we acknowledge the contribution of every woman in the world? Like, does it sound like bragging? Then, I remembered the stories of women from our past societies that embodied the hard truth that will surely sadden your heart.

Towards a Just and Equal World

To tell you, Pordalab’s new single is a powerful piece of art where it entices everyone to have a new perspective in seeing the beauty of women. It is one way of advocating women’s rights —to free them from hatred, violence, exploitation, and discrimination that you see in every corner of the world.

Additionally, the song was actually recorded and released in 2014 originally by Karl Ramirez and became part of an award-winning documentary Walang Rape sa Bontok.

In case you don’t have any idea about them yet, the band name Pordalab came from the phrase ‘For the love’ spoken in hard, Filipino accent. They want to showcase their talent to inspire people and spread a genuine care for others.

They are a six-piece band with Karl Ramirez for Vocals and Guitars, Boogs Villa Real for Vocals, Kalimba and Ukelele, Burn Belacho for Lead Guitar, Jomar Mangulbnan for Rhythm Guitar, Kyle De Leon for Bass and lastly, Pedro Magat for percussion and drums.

In support of a just and equal world for women, Kalahati Ng Mundo was released this month as a simple contribution also of the band in advancing Oxfam Philippines’ advocacy:  #WeMakeHerStory.

Free: Kalahati Ng Mundo MP3

Heads up for this band because they released this song where everyone can download it for FREE! Yes, you’ve read it right! It’s free before it becomes live to other music platform such as Spotify and Itunes.

Using Masterpiece for an Advocacy

Moreover, the band also features a masterpiece from Det Neri called Matabagka. It was rendered in watercolor and ink on 9×12 paper and part of FO(U)R WOMEN: Sining ng Apat na Babae para sa Kababaihan.

Aside from that, if you are a fan of Baybayin, the band also features a font design developed by John Leyson called Mayari Baybayin. It was based on the native Filipino script and inspired by ‘Mayari’, the Filipino warrior goddess of the moon.

Truly, in any forms of art we can drive a crowd to form pit with an advocacy. Perhaps, we can also join in their movement on March 14-30, 2020, 7 in the evening at Taumbayan Restobar.

You can invite your art enthusiast friends to come at the Exhibit as we celebrate Women’s Month. Don’t forget to share also Kalahati ng Mundo by Pordalab and constantly be reminded that you play a big role in this world because you are a woman.

How do you feel about Pordalab’s song? And will you be coming to F(O)UR women’s exhibit? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter And if you liked this story, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!