2018 has been a year full of unexpected turns. Life hasn’t been easy but 2018 was a lesson in disguise. So this new year in life, we listed down the things of what we pray for 2019.

A new year means new wishes. We wouldn’t easily know if 2019 will be our year. It can be better than 2018, it can be worse. We wouldn’t really know. But even though that how it goes, there are things that we pray for. The usual “2019, please be good to me” is deeper than other thinks. A year can change your life. It can turn your world upside-down. So we might as well claim 2019 with all our might, right?

As for me, I can’t judge 2019 yet. But there are things that I really, really want this year. But these prayers will only work if I exert effort for myself. Like they said, “Nasa Diyos and awa, nasa tao ang gawa”.

Self Care

There are a lot of us haven’t been taking care of ourselves right. We love others too much. Show them affection too much that we forget ourselves in the process. Self-care is a thing, you know. We need to love ourselves more. You are your own number one supporter. You can never get a much loyal fan than yourself.

Put effort on taking care of yourself. Do skin care routines for that clear skin. Get massages. Buy yourself some clothes. Go out of town. Do road trips with your friends. Go travel out of the country. Eat what you want. Dress up. Don’t feel bad about the things you do for yourself. But do take care of your well being. Because you matter. And your well being matters.  There’s a lot of things to do for yourself. You do you!

Better Money Management

Even if you are a student or a working adult, we always pray for more money every year. Especially now that prices are skyrocket high. But you can’t really get a lot of money by just praying. So let’s work hard and pray that we get rewarded fairly for our job well done.

And with earning money comes hand in hand with managing it. This is what I really pray for. I really do hope that I can manage money well. I mean, we all have guilty pleasures like impulsive buying and unplanned walwal sessions. So this year, let’s be responsible for our money. Not only for emergencies but also for future plans we have.

Genuine Happiness

Of course! Who doesn’t want genuine happiness, right? We all deserve that. But genuine happiness isn’t easy to get. To achieve that, I will do the things I love. In our everyday life, we don’t always get to do the things we want to do. Do spend a spare of your time with your loved ones.

Try spending some time with your parents. I know it sounds cliche but we all don’t have all the time in the world. Go treat your siblings. You know, seeing their faces light up from the little things you do is fulfilling. They might not be the best people out there but they’ll be the best ones for us. Or instead of staying up holed up at home scrolling in Facebook, go out with your friends. Don’t miss your best friend’s birthday or a gala with your friends. Sometimes, happiness isn’t just from materials. Sometimes, genuine happiness is from the memories and moments we shared with our loved ones. So think about it.

Peace of Mind

And last but not the least, I pray for peace of mind. I know everyone’s battling their inner demons. In the time we live, mental health isn’t something you should overlook. So make sure to keep in check of your mental health. If you need to cut off toxicity in your life, then do so. I know, it’s hard but if you keep them tied to you, you’ll be the one burdened.

Life is hard already. Don’t make it harder for you. It ain’t easy but it’s worth it. Life becomes easier if you are in peace. Trust me, sometimes you got to let go so you won’t lose yourself. Take the leap.

2019 is a promising year for everyone. And I believe that if we have the right mindset, things won’t be that bad. Claim 2019 as a year that you’ll treat yourself right. It’s another book that we have to write and let’s make it memorable.

What we pray for 2019 may seem abstract. But do you pray for it too? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh