Turn down for what? Turn down for a lawsuit, apparently. DJ Snake and Lil Jon are being sued by Golden Crown Publishing, which claims that the song borrows too much from Freddie GZ’s with the same title.

DJ Snake and Lil Jon had a smashing hit with 2013’s “Turn Down For What” as it graced dancefloors and spawned remixes throughout the years. Little do people know that a song with the same exact title has already been released months before.

Turn Down For What Similarities?

Freddie GZ and his colleagues claim that they came up with the colloquial term and the song. Unfortunately, it did not become as big as DJ Snake’s hit. Most people don’t even know it existed until now. DJs also play DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” version in clubs and in music festivals.

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Besides the same title, the plaintiff of the lawsuit also claims that the newer song copied beats and more. Read the whole document about it. They even compare the transposed notes and chord progression which does make sense and is a common tactic in today’s songs.

There is no figure disclosed in the lawsuit but we can assume that it’ll be huge considering that “Turn Down For What” was a huge hit with more than 500,000 units sold, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It made DJ Snake’s EDM career skyrocket and even gave Lil Jon a boost for his popularity.

Another Hit for Copyrights Lawyer?

While this might seem like something that can be brushed off by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, the lawyer handling the lawsuit has a proven track record. Richard Busch has already given the Marvin Gaye family a win over the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit against Robin Thicke, EDM Sauce reported.

Busch also got a settlement against Ed Sheeran regarding the “Photographs” lawsuit. The singer songwriter settled to give part ownership to other co-writers of the popular hit.

As of this writing, there has been no statement from DJ Snake or Lil Jon. They may be lawyering up to fight the lawsuit. There might be millions of dollars at stake here.

Will DJ Snake and Lil Jon turn down for the lawsuit? We still hear the song played in bars or clubs despite it’s been a couple of years since it was first released.

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Listen to the two songs below: