A beer in hand, great music from up and coming indie local bands until the early hours of the day. That’s the complete picture last Saturday night at Social House who hosted the RJAM Tayo 101. This along with a good price for the entrance of only Php200 you are already in to get and watch amazing bands such as December Avenue Clara Benin Orange & Lemons Gracenote Maryzark C H N D T R Dhruva Tara Not Informed RedLightGo! Better Days

So,  what was it like being in a rock band gig?

It was epic. Upon paying for the door charge, you get 1 red horse beer and a sticker of Rackista (the event organizer). The crowd was a mix of people; some are in all black, some are skaters, most are in their teens, while the rest are students, and yes even yuppies all coming together just to listen to the “great home grown” OPM bands.

It actually reminds me of the old radio station NU Radio. To be honest, it was actually the first time I heard about Rackista Radio and man did they do a good job marketing it;  they already got me hooked! *currently tuned in*

The best thing about watching these bands is that they know “showmanship” – in layman’s terms, who to mingle with in the crowd. Contrary to the typical stereotypes of people about rock bands, they aren’t actually promoting violence, death and what not – in fact, most of their songs are actually just love songs with a twist — a different kind of melody. Most of their songs they dedicate to those whose hearts are broken, was broken, and just got recently broken.

And since Filipinos have this outstanding great admonition to “love” or the popular term “Hugot” which basically means — reaching from the heart about something that pains them.  It then is seen translated to the actual “drama” in the delivery of the script, rhythm and beats in their music.

Listening to those songs made me remember so many things from my past and boy those guys are really good and kinda spoke their heartfelt realizations about love and everything in between thru their music. We managed to get a table on the 2nd floor, had to pay extra for that; but it was all worth it.

I even managed to get a few shots with some of the bands like December ave and Redlightgo! Besides, watching from above made me see the really big following for these local bands and it makes me happy, even giddy that the local OPM scene is still doing really well.

At the end, your dear writer here, yes me!, had a little too much of alcohol, which was an indication that I really had a blast! Just goes to show that the local bands in the PH are still doing really well so get ready for the explosion!

About the Author:

Kevin Lau – aka “neil” is a resident gig-goer who was sort of pushed into writing about one of his gig-escapades; and man are we happy he did.

P.S : Photos are by Kevin too. Thanks dude.

Edited by Marie.