Justin Bieber Cancels Purpose Tour Concerts, Including Manila

Justin Bieber Cancels Purpose Tour! Yes, you all heard it right. Justin Bieber has cancelled his Purpose tour. Hence, this was effectively crushing the hearts of beliebers who were waiting for his concert here in the Philippines.

Filipino Beliebers have been eagerly waiting for Justin’s Purpose concert that was supposed to happen at the Philippine Arena on September 30, 2017. The 23-year-old popstar recently cancelled the rest of his Purpose tour due to “unforeseen circumstances,” which was later explained as Justin was simply tired.

Church for Beliebers?

Since “unforeseen circumstances” can be interpreted in about a thousand ways, there was a rumor that went around shortly. Bieber was reportedly starting his own church. This was even reinforced by some of his religious posts.

But, Bieber then denied the ludicrous claim and iterated that he was just tired from the Purpose tour, which was already running for 17 months. He apologized to his fans about the sudden stop.

“I love you guys. I think you guys are awesome. I’m sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed. It’s not my heart, or anything. Have a blessed day”

Bieber Was Tired

On paper, it does seem like touring for 17 months will make anybody exhausted. Bieber also recorded several song collabs in the previous months namely “Despacito,” “I’m The One,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Cold Water”.

All in all, Bieber’s Purpose tour has a count of 150 shows before its last one in London three weeks ago. That’s quite a lot of shows for a solo performer.

The downside for Bieber’s cancellation is that fans were not the only ones disappointed. However, over 200 people from the tour’s crew now do not have a job. No statement was given by Bieber or his manager regarding what will happen to the crew.

So, were you expecting the Purpose Tour in Manila as well? Hence, What’s your favorite Justin Bieber song?

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