So where do you spend your Friday nights?

Metro Manila has got some array of places to quench your longing for a fun night out in the city. From food parks, to fine dining, to clubs, to bar gigs and even places for some underground music have never been so present in Manila’s night life.

Post- Laboracay

The U Do U team have just gotten back to the Manila grind from our long but wonderful trip in Boracay for the official launch of the AfterParty App during Hydro Laboracay 2017 (WATCH: #Laboracay2017 AfterParty Movie). And as much as we love dancing with our favourite DJ’s, we are all looking for that chill Friday night with good music.

Luckily, the 70’s Bistro in Anonas have got the perfect fix for us. We were invited to cover Ja Quintana’s EP Launch last May 5, 2017 and we could not say no to that line up – namely, Bullet Dumas, Toni B, Joey Ayala, Reese Lansangan, Adinkra Lumads, and a lot more performances!


I felt like that world music performance by Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community definitely took me back to the island life in Boracay with their indigenous drums, and ethnic sound! Catch them in one of their gigs to see what I mean. You definitely would want to dance to their music!

Ja Quintana’s “Padayon” EP Launch


Ja Quintana is a Migo Imagineer by day, and an aspiring ethnic jazz singer and songwriter by night.


I personally knew Ja as a fellow Lasallian. I first saw her perform during a Para Sa Sining event. Actually, scratch that, I heard her during her soundcheck and, OMFG, it is so amazing. You can just imagine what I felt during her actual performance.

Even one of the legendary singer- songwriters in the local music scene today feels the same with Ja Quintana’s music. He tells the full-packed 70’s Bistro about how he never knew about Ja until she asked him to be part of the artist line up to perform for the Padayon EP Launch.

Bullet Dumas then asked Ja to send in a some demos of her songs. And you guessed it, Bullet eventually agrees to perform as he saw potential in Ja’s music.

With some of OPM’s best names gathered in one night to celebrate Ja’s music, can you tell how good of an EP she has produced? So make sure to grab your copy and experience the potential in ethnic jazz music.

Congratulations on the EP launch, Ja!

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Featured Image by Box Seblario (from Ja Quintana’s fb page)