Still haven’t planned your Wednesday night? Then do drop by at the Retro Game Night at GameOver PH! Check out who are the streamers that will be joining in the fun on June 5!

Game night buddies, assemble! Nothing’s better than to kickstart the month of June playing retro games with your family and friends. But what’s more, is that there will gamers and streamers that will be joining us for the night. Aside from the booze, food and awesome games, you’ll definitely meet new people who are all into gaming. And of course, we’ve invited some streamers from Facebook and Twitch to have some fun with us.

You can definitely challenge them and see if you have the skills to beat them on your favorite childhood games! They’ll be sharing their stories about how they started streaming too! We’re definitely excited for this one!


Hundreds of streamers, but she’s one of our favorites! One of Rumble Royale’s finest, ImoutoSakura is taking the local gaming community by storm. A passionate League of Legends player, she also plays Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival on the side. Even for a young girl, she knows how to bring fun to everyone. Make no mistake, even with her all-smiles demeanor, she can be very competitive when it comes to playing. (But we still wanna play with her!)

Papa B

He might seem like your typical MOBA streamer. But Papa B or mostly known as Madam  B, brings in barrels of laughter along with his funny gameplay. A long time gamer, he grew up playing FPS games like the early version of CounterStrike and also Dota 2. But right now, he’s venturing on Mobile Legends and MARVEL Super War and he’s damn good! So better watch out for him!


And last but definitely not least, is Nukella! You might not have seen her much on Facebook because this lady is a Twitch streamer! (Fanceeeh!) But hey, don’t let that pretty face deceive you because she’s one hell of a player. She’s a professional League of Legends player but she plays a variety of games too. So you might want to stay away from her during Retro Game Night coz she’s gonna annihilate you!

Anyway, you still have a few days to practice your gaming skills. Because our guest streamers are competitive as hell. But Hey, you’d definitely have fun too! They’ll be waiting for you! Remember, just download the AfterParty app for free admission and join the fun at Retro Game Night at GameOver PH on June 5!

Excited for Retro Game Night? Because we definitely are! And we’re ready to see the skills of our favorite streamers! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.