This is it, PH Onces! TWICE in Manila is happening!

You read that right! All those months of practicing their choreography and memorizing their songs are about to come to fruition! The Korean girl group is set to perform in Manila on June 29 as announced through the group’s official Twitter account.

PH Onces couldn’t be more excited!

The Filipino fans have been known for loving their idols quite hard. And when I say hard, I mean “dance and sing at the top of your lungs” hard, or “defend your idol in every way” hard. I think we can say this especially about the Pinoys’ love for KPop groups, so imagine our excitement when we learned that TWICE is finally coming to Manila! I know people who might squeal with joy just hearing this, (i.e. my little sister). Seriously there are people who dance to “TT” and “What is Love?” every single day. I won’t be saying I’m one of those people, but who am I kidding? TWICE’s choreography is unique to themselves and is so catchy that once you watch it, you’ll be dancing to it the next day!

See what some of the fans have to say since we all know the Twitterverse couldn’t possibly keep quiet about this!

True enough, the Filipinos have their way with hyping through social media. We can get a topic trending if we want it to bad enough!

While some of the fans are bubbling with excitement, some of the others urged one another to give the girls their personal space. No one would want the BLACKPINK airport fiasco to happen again.

Stay tuned for ticketing details!

No ticketing details have been out yet, but we,Onces , are prepared. #NoToTeamBahay! We won’t miss this opportunity to see them in person for sure! So, save up, darlings! It will be worth the dime, that’s for sure. Just to be part of the Once ocean when the concert happens could be the most fulfilling thing for most of us.

Aren’t you just ecstatic that #TWICELandPH is finally happening? Who is your bias? Any expectations? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.