Hand-holding, head-on-chest, awkward foot-stepping, private laughs on a crowded dance floor, eye contact that sets your heart on fire as you slow-dance to an enchanting song?

Not everyone gets this kind of movie-worthy scene for their prom memory and frankly, if we could do it all over again without the awkwardness of puberty we’re all in, aren’t we?!

Well, we’re in luck!

On March 21, 2020, 7:00 PM, the stars have aligned at one of the indie music scene’s heart of hearts, Emperial Mow’s, for a mystical night where The UP Music Circle gives you the chance to change your fate and relive that prom memory your way (for one night only) in Prom: A Cosmic Dream!


With pop-rock bands Ang Bandang Shirley and Over October as well as indie-rock bands Ourselves the Elves and Oh, Flamingo headlining, this night promises to be nothing but enchanted. Some of the indie scene’s favorite stars have also fallen into place: Parlor Parlor, the Ridleys, Granny Lee, Cheats, Pinkmen, and Flu and help complete this absolutely stellar line-up!

Are you ready to shine in the universe’s light?

For just 350 pesos, you get a chance to bask in the stars’ glow as well as a free drink! So come all star-crossed lovers, friends, or even foes. This night only comes once in a blue moon!

Get your tickets via online transactions over at: tinyurlcom/PromACosmicDream or via meet-up at tinyurl.com/2020PromOGT. For more inquiries contact the numbers as seen on their official post.

Or you can also get a chance to win tickets (while absolutely making our lover swoon!). Simply prompose to the person you want to take to Prom: A Cosmic Dream, and you already get a chance to win two (2) tickets!

For more information follow the hashtags: #PROMmetoyou # PromACosmicDream over on Facebook.

Strap on your heels, throw on some of that glitter, straighten that tux, don’t forget to bring a hand to hold as you listen to what the stars have in store for you on that fine evening. See you there!

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