SONIK Philippines is the country’s first official international music conference and festival!

The music scene in the Philippines has been recently bustling with life, and we cannot stop jumping for joy! More and more of the younger generations are seen exploring the joys of street music through busking, gigs and music festivals!

Not only that, but new acts are also seen popping out from just about everywhere — and what’s lit? These things are all happening simultaneously everywhere. Aside from the usual staple gigs, music lovers out there are in for a major treat because there’s something bigger that’s about to happen in the local music scene this coming October.

Brewing something that is a first for the country, HOMONYM, a premier music agency in the Philippines, partnered up with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

What will happen?

SONIK Philippines

The perfect getaway for those who love music, the first-ever International Music Conference & Festival in the country is coming! SONIK Philippines is a one-of-a-kind event that will be held on October 4-5 in Green Sun, Makati. It will serve as both a platform for musicians to learn more about the creative and business side of the industry as well as showcase some of the top musicians in the country. We will be graced with some of the big names in the local and international music industry as they support this new initiative through their performance.

Check out the poster for the SONIK Philippines below!

SONIK Philippines

Because of the inspiration brought on by the top international musical festivals, Mike Constantino, Founder, and CEO of HOMONYM believe that our local acts are as good if not better and as such must also be put at the forefront. He says, “there is a need for us to reach out to the world and show them what we have here.”

Filipino music isn’t exclusive to just one part of the country or to one particular genre, so this event perfectly showcases how it acts as a bridge to the existing gaps within the Filipino music community.

The ultimate dream is to unify all of the musicians in the country on all walks of life and in all regions may they be—in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and even OFWs— this is done to elevate the local music scene/industry altogether.

The organizers strongly believe that by doing this, the Filipino music industry would be able to improve drastically to eventually show what more it can offer to the world.

Apart from that, NCCA also sees this event as an opportunity to build and strengthen relations with Ministries of Culture around the world. In fact, SONIK Philippines is already working in partnership with the Taiwan Ministry of Culture to start building a path for a better appreciation of the upcoming events.

Showcasing and highlighting Filipino music by acting as a catalyst in showing the potential of the local industry, some international artists have pledged to share some of their best practices that eventually improved the quality of their music, they believe that through this a bigger collaborative effort would trigger an improvement on how the Filipino music scene is today.

What to expect from SONIK

There will be panels, showcases, as well as talks by producers, organizers, record labels and independent artists in the industry. International speakers are also set to attend the event to share their knowledge and experiences in music. This will offer local artists a more expansive viewpoint as they open themselves up to be further developed.

Of course, the Music Conference x Festival wouldn’t be complete without any performances, wouldn’t it? So to cap off the event, both local and international artists will take over pocket stages to woo the audiences. The complete line-up is yet to be announced, but we know for sure that famous band Ben&Ben will be there.

SONIK Philippines is open t everyone out there who appreciates music and is looking to develop their career in this industry even more.

So, to all professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring musicians, you are all invited! To sweeten the deal — below is a special ticket rate for you!

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SONIK Philippines tickets

This special discounted rate is also available for students and musicians from Visayas and Mindanao!

However, if you live for music and just want to attend the festival itself, it’s perfectly okay. We completely understand!

Prices for the festival tickets are as follows.

SONIK Philippines Tickets

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No budget? No worries, we gotchu covered! Just follow these simple mechanics and you don’t have to miss on one of the best music events this year!

You can also check the Facebook page for SONIK Philippines for more details. There, the roster of speakers and artists would be announced so that you would know what more to expect from the big event. We are super excited about this!

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