The challenge is on! Challenge your friends and favorite streamers on Tekken Game Night at GameOver PH this July 10!

Back for the second time around, Neutral Grounds presents you Tekken Game Night! Show off your Tekken skills as you get to play with your fellow avid gamers and streamers at the event. Tekken Game Night will kick off at Game Over PH from 8 PM onwards on July 10!

Neutral Grounds in partnership with Game Over PH & Heineken will be holding a Tekken mini-tournament for all fighting game enthusiasts who will be joining the fun. Amazing prizes are to be won! So you’d definitely need to fight your way to the top! Get to battle it out among your fellow gamers and challenge our guest streamers, let’s see who will prevail.

But that’s not all — aside from the Tekken mini-tournament, Heineken would be hosting their very own Beerlympics too! We would be bringing you this once in a lifetime chance to play drinking games under the banner of your favorite streamer, so winning together as a team would be a victory like no other!  So better make sure that you can hold your beer because GameOver PH will be swimming with lots of Heineken for everyone to share.

Guest streamers and more!

Oh, and have we mentioned that’s not all? If it wasn’t obvious from the posters and my witty anecdotes at the top — let me just say it here — Neutral Grounds gathered your favorite streamers over too! Get to play with Twitch’s NukellaPlays and Rumble Royale’s Papa B. Plus, it is the best time to meet the rising stars from Alpha, Mangobellls, and Chubkilla too! But, that’s not all!  of course, who could forget Rumble Royale’s Fhrea Jaimil, Chupagetti, and Kira? We know that you’re dying to challenge them in a game of Tekken 7, but why not go ahead and challenge them to play other games and challenges too?

All those making you hella excited? Don’t worry! we have more in store for you guys!  A buffet for the early goers is free too!  So you better bring you and your friends as early as possible! (P.S. We’ll be spamming you some good Kpop music the whole night too!)

So what are you waiting for? Drop by at Neutral Grounds’ Tekken Game Night at GameOver PH on July 10!

Excited to play against your favorite streamers at Neutral Grounds’ Tekken Game Night at GameOver PH?

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