HOTTEST IN MANILA: Spookiest Sounds For Halloween

Prepare your ears ghasts and ghouls (we mean guys and gals!), ’cause the spookiest sounds for Halloween are here!

Counting down to the scariest holiday of the year, we’ve scorched the earth and dug graves to find you the spookiest sounds for Halloween y’all could listen to.

Creeping in to the Top 5 list,  these bands have their own style making it a flavorful mix of tunes once compiled into a playlist.  So whether you’re having a big party or you just want to feel the chill of the darkness, this is the perfect lineup for you!

1. Dissonänce

Imagine if Wednesday Addams had a band, this would be it! The sound of Dissonänce is hauntingly beautiful, making you want to sway your rotting corpse to the rhythm!

Listen to ‘Ghost’ and ‘Exile’ by Dissonänce; right here, right now!

Add this to your Spotify playlist now!

2. Yomi No Kuni

This band is wildly different. The name “Yomi no Kuni” is Japanese for “land of the dead” or “world of darkness”. And for a band that’s actually named “land of the dead”, they ironically brought Shinto mythology to life!

Check out the the music of Yomi No Kuni:

3. Fugu Musk

Say what you will about alt-rock music, but it can definitely nail a Halloween themed song!

Need receipts? We gotchu!

Want to hear more from ’em? Check out their Spotify, which we have right here.

4. Full Pledged Revenge

Full Pledged Revenge serves us some classic hardcore metal music that’ll shake up your brains! (No baby ears allowed!)

And you know what Full Pledged Revenge kind of makes us want to watch? That movie ‘Deathgasm’!

And here’s another track from the band we think you should check out!

5. Jay Flava

Last but not definitely not the least is Jay Flava. And yep, this band takes your Halloween playlist to a whole new level.

TIP: Notice how he sounds a bit like a Pinoy Eminem becoming the Prince of Darkness with the tracks we have below!

Watch ‘Bugtong’s’ music video, and maybe you guys can get inspired with the concept!

Also adding Jay Flava’s ‘Lamig’. ‘Cause you NEED to check it out!

Halloween will be a night we’ll never forget. So dig up your friends and let’s partyyyyyyy!!!

So are you guys getting goosebumps from our list of the Spookiest Sounds For Halloween? Tell us in the comment section below! And if y’all want more spooky Halloween stuff, feel free to message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.

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