Captivating the hearts and souls in the streets, Shirebound and Busking sets to new heights with a debut album.

Singer-songwriter, Shirebound and Busking announced the launching of his first full-length album. The debut album dons the title “For Princesses, By Thieves O Mga Awit ng Hiraya Para sa Guni-guning Sinta”. As intriguing and mysterious as it sounds, the debut album will probably have his signature stripped-down tunes. The debut album launch will be on Friday, March 29 at Route 196.

Iego Tan or Shirebound and Busking to the local music community has contributed great works of art. Particularly when he started busking. Indeed, it took him a lot of time to establish himself in the busker community. Let alone in the local indie community. It was indeed a bold move for him. However, his hard work paid off eventually, after people began to know the talent he has.

His music tells a lot about love itself. And the thing is, his original love songs aren’t just technically love songs. If you try to listen and dig deeper, you get to hear a story beyond the flowery words about love. His music touches the soul and carries all throughout the whole song. And that is something you can’t always stumble upon. So we can expect love songs that go beyond our years. In addition, the album art looks like a vintage book title page and it oozes with personality.

And to continue what he has started, Shirebound and Busking will be launching his debut record soon. Joining him are other fellow artists like Munimuni, Ang Bandang Shirley, Coeli, The Ridleys, and Oh, Flamingo!. The said album launch will be organized and presented by Gabi Na Naman Productions. So after school or after work, you better drop by at Route 196 on Friday, March 29 for a wonderful night of music.

And to prepare you for a night full of love and yearning, check out Shirebound and Busking in Spotify too!

Anyway, are you excited to hear what For Princesses, By Thieves O Mga Awit ng Hiraya Para sa Guni-guning Sinta has to offer? Which songs of Shirebound and Busking do you love? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.