The SB19 Nationwide Concert at the Cuneta Astrodome is happening four days from now, A’tins! And to make our Christmas merrier, they just landed at #28 on the Billboard Social 50 Chart!

SB19 really did go up this year! After the release of their ‘Go Up’ music video back in July, the boys’ career skyrocketed like crazy! Recently, SB19 had another milestone in their journey as they became the first-ever Pinoy group to land on the “Next Big Sound” chart on Billboard!

Billboard Social 50 Chart!

Just 4 days away from their much-awaited major concert at Cuneta Astrodome, SB19 makes yet again another history being the first-ever Filipino group to land on the “Social 50” chart on Billboard. Yes, you heard that right! Our boys did it again and just a few hours away from Christmas Eve! And what an honor is it for the boys to be on the same charts with their idol BTS, right? What a great Christmas gift!

A huge congratulations to SB19, the world deserves to know and recognize your talents! Your A’tins are ultimately proud of you!

SB19 Nationwide Concert

Receiving all-out support from their day one fans and from new ones, we all kept track of the very promising and talented members. From numerous TV and online platform guesting to their very own “Showbreak” vlogs, to producing their merch, announcing their official fandom name, and releasing their logo! We just can’t get enough of SB19 and the hype was so intense, it’s all I could hear about. And of course, who could’ve missed SB19 mall tours right? Malls were packed of A’tins showing support for the boys.

And finally, we are days away from SB19’s first-ever major concert at the Cuneta Astrodome on December 28, 2019, to give back to all of your love and support for them this year! However, if you haven’t registered yet, it’s sad to say that registration is now closed. Filling out 3,500 seats in just three minutes, guys! It’s crazy!

I’m sure y’all will still have the chance to see SB19 perform live next year because these boys are definitely not going anywhere but up! And for you who will end the year seeing SB19 in the flesh, make sure to remember the safety guidelines of Cuneta Astrodome for your safety and SB19’s! Ready your light sticks and merch shirts, A’tins!

What are you feeling after seeing SB19 on the Billboard Social 50? Also, are you heading to their concert on December 28 at Cuneta Astrodome? Don’t forget to share your thoughts by dropping a comment down below. You can also our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Have a Merry Christmas, A’tins!