HOTTEST EVENTS: Sam Smith in Manila 2018 TICKETS!

Are you ready for Sam Smith in Manila 2018? The Philippines will be one of the stops for his ongoing The Thrill Of It All world tour, and tickets have actually sold out!

So what do you have to do to get Sam Smith in Manila 2018 tickets? It looks like everyone decided to see the pop/ballad singer this year, and SM Tickets isn’t selling ’em on their official site anymore. *sad reacts only*

Well, here’s a video from Sam Smith’s 2015 Manila concert that you can watch while we help you think of ways to get those concert tickets!

1. Listen to the setlist

While you look for those tickets, keep blasting Sam Smith in your headphones! You’ll never know, the ever generous spirit of ticket contests might just rain some good luck on you, and magically give you the tickets you’re waiting for!

2. Suit up!

This dapper singer always looks ON FLEEK! The above photo is how he looks in his Singapore show, and we’re sure he’ll look just as amazing (or even better) in his Manila show.

So suit up as you pray for your tickets! The closer you are to being Sam Smith, the closer you will be to getting those tickets! Trust us on this.

3. Score on Social

This is not a drill! (Nor an ad), but people are actually selling their tickets on social media. Just use the hashtags you see above.

Most of the time, some people need to cancel their concert plans because of other urgent matters, and they’d post on their accounts that they are selling the tickets they bought. But be sure to get them at the same price (or even at a lower price if you’re lucky)—LET’S SAY NO TO SCALPERS!

4. Ask your own friends

You can ask your OWN friends for tickets. You NEVER know, some of them might be thinking twice about going to the show. So post on your social, or better yet, text them or ask personally!

You won’t really lose anything if you try. You might even get to catch up with an old friend while bonding over Sam Smith.

How about you? Do you have other tips on how to score Sam Smith in Manila 2018 tickets? Let us know in the comments! Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh so that we can include them in this list!

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