HOTTEST EVENTS: Russ is coming to Manila!

We know you wouldn’t want to miss Russ’ concert in Manila. That’s why we’ve got all the details you need right here!

Late in March, Russ had us all excited with a Tweet saying he’d be visiting the Philippines in the summer!

The 26-year old rapper from Atlanta has gained quite a sizeable following here in the Philippines. In fact, fans from all over the country were ecstatic to hear the news. I mean, who wouldn’t be? And as soon as we heard about it, we have been waiting for details on exactly when he’d be coming to the country to perform. And now it’s confirmed! Russ in Manila is finally happening!

Why we love Russ

Russ is an artist from Atlanta who became famous for his single ‘What They Want’. I’m pretty sure most of us, still have that song on our playlists, maybe even on repeat. But Russ isn’t just about that one song. He has been, in fact, creating music for a long time, before records, before the fame. His interest in hip-hop started when he was 7 and has been creating beats for 10 years. Before he started sharing his songs on Soundcloud, he has already produced 10 albums on his own.

This is what inspires us most as fans. There is something very human in seeing that the artist really worked hard for his music. It’s not like he decided to create one song and then he became famous for that. There is so much more to Russ that just ‘What They Want’. He also shared that he used to do 37-song shows with ‘What They Want’ being the last, so his listeners can get introduced to his other tracks. Now, that is a show worth going to! He’s not one artist to have a predictable song line-up!


All this being said only made us more excited about seeing Russ perform live here! His concert will be held at the New Frontier Theather on July 27, 2019. Below are the ticket prices:

VIP Standing – P6,105
Loge – P3,885
Balcony – P2,775

While stuck waiting, listen to Russ on Spotify!

Open in Spotify

Hurry now and get your tickets before it sells out! Which of Russ’ songs do you wish to hear at the concert? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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