Gather round your game night buddies and join us in Neutral Grounds’ very first Retro Game Night!

Kickstart your month of June with a throwback to your favorite childhood games. Neutral Grounds presents Retro Game Night, where you can play with your fellow avid gamers your favorite retro games. We’ll be hosting the first ever official launch party of Neutral Grounds, together with Retro Game Night. The party starts at 8 PM onwards at GameOver PH on Wednesday, June 5.

You’ll get to play retro games all night, together with your friends, our guests, and our very own Neutral Grounds gaming team.

You can play your favorite classic games like Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Street Fighter, Kirby and so much more. Aside from that, you can challenge anyone for a round of Tekken too! Or maybe have your gang play a bit of Call of Duty against each other at the same time! If you’re up to the challenge, play a game of clever and wit with your friends on Who’s That Character guessing game.

Prizes and surprises!

Of course, how could we forget? Everyone gets a chance to win a Mystery Funko Pop! Just download the AfterParty app and invite 3 of your friends to join your crew. The first 3 groups to arrive at GameOver PH will receive a Mystery Funko pop and retro game night loot bags!

There will also be guest streamers to join the night. What’s fun is that you’ll get to meet other gamers on Retro Game Night. So mark your calendars, because on June 5 at GameOver PH, we’ll be playing some rad games!

Excited to play with your buddies on Retro Game Night? Who will you be bringing with? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.