One spot. 8 bands. Catch the 8 band aspirants as they battle it out at the Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands!

Just a few more weeks and Red Ninja Production turns 10! And on their 10th anniversary, they will be bringing the most talented and amazing local music artists in the community this coming May 4 to 5. According to their announcement, the upcoming two-day event will take place at The Eye in Green Sun, Makati City.

The official lineup for the event is already complete but for one. A single spot for an unannounced performing band was left for the winning band of their competition. Red Ninja Production will be holding a Battle of the Bands with 8 participants. Winner of the competition will get the last spot in the official lineup for their anniversary celebration. The Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands will be on April 6 at Route 196.

Participants of the competition will be Alyson, a 4-piece indie-alternative band, the indie folk-pop band Indayo, and a rock band called Bandido. Aside from them, the pop band Blind Stereo Moon, the modern indie pop punk Devices, and the alluring singer-songwriter Elise Huang will be there too. Not only that, our favorite bad boys from the indie rock band LaLuna will join in. So is the alternative quintet She’s Coming Home. These 8 bands will bring out the best of their music. And they will battle it out in front of the whole crowd to see who will join the big names in the center stage.

So if you’re definitely rooting for one of the bands, then you better head out to Route 196 on April 6. Entrance fee for the Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Band is free! But you can cast your vote for your favorite band by buying a drink from the bar.

Who do you think will win Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands? Will your favorite band make it to the big event? Let us know on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.