The oppa we all knew and loved from ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ and ‘Fight for My Way’ is finally coming to Manila! *squeals*

Calling out all K-drama fangirls out there! Bench is blessing us with an early Christmas gift because they’re bringing our Korean oppa, Park Seo Jun, in Manila for a meet and greet on September 29!

Yes, you heard it and it’s official! Bench CEO Ben Chan dropped the bomb on Instagram on Tuesday, saying: Dropping this as my gift to all of you for celebrating this day with me. Park Seo Jun @bn_sj2013 is coming to Manila!!! SAVE THE DATE for September 29 and stand by @benchtm for everything you need to know to meet your favorite oppa.”

Waaah! The Korean fanatics in us literally cannot wait because it’s only one month away!

You’re probably asking how Bench was able to pull this off? Well, Bench recently signed Park Seo Joon as an ambassador last April 2019. He’ll be joining the series of Bench ambassadors a.k.a hotties that have already visited us like Noah Centineo, Ji Chang-wook, and Dylan Wang.

Getting to know oppa

If you don’t know who this freakingly handsome oppa is, then you’re missing half of your life, sis! Park Seo Joon first captivated our hearts on the series ‘She Was Pretty’, portraying that cold-hearted stud we’ve all wanted but never knew. He appeared as mister nice guy in ‘Fight for My Way’, making every woman change their relationship status from “single” to “married to Park Seo Joon”.

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His most recent drama series is ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ and gurl, trust us, he completely won over the nation! He nailed yet again the cold-heart CEO role but with a twist. We can’t help but fall in love with this well-put-together CEO yet “napaka-slow” when it comes to love! Kyaaa! We are already feeling the “kilig” even by just remembering the series!

Omo! We know you are as excited us so stay tuned for more updates of our honey’s visit in Manila.

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