Hard times—from soldout Paramore Concert tickets to a postponed show date, Paramore in Philippines 2018 has gone through a lot. It took us almost a year of waiting, but we’re finally here.

The 2018 Paramore Concert in the Philippines is finally happening this August 23 at the SM MOA Arena. And everyone is beyond excited!

This is Paramore’s third time doing a show in Manila. Yes, Filipinos love this band! They definitely keep asking them to come back. In fact, tickets for the Philippines’ #Tour4, Paramore’s 2018 show, soldout in only 48 minutes last November 2017. More tickets became available the following day, but these soldout even quicker. And till now, we still people looking for tickets.

Some people who still don’t have tickets thought that since the show was pushed back 6 months from the initial February schedule, more event dates would be added. There are still some people without tickets who definitely want to see the show. But we’re into the week of the concert date, and there’s still no luck.

So, what do you do if you’re dying to see Paramore in the Philippines, but still don’t have tickets? We’ve listed down 6 things that might help, for those desperate or just looking for a little after laughter!

1. Dress Up Like Hayley and the Guys

Dressing up for an event is one of the things some people look forward to. Whether you want to play it cool and dress up like one of the guys, or take it up a notch and come in Hayley’s more colorful outfits, concert venues are definitely full of inspiring outfits.

If you need inspiration, you might want to look into videos from After Laughter—the album featuring the most of the songs you’ll hear in Paramore’s #Tour4.

2. Rock Out A Playlist

Another great way to get hyped for a show is by listening to a playlist of their tour setlist. We made one for Chance the Rapper’s 2018 Manila show that you can take inspiration from.

And yes, even if you don’t have a ticket yet, we still recommend that you make one. Nothing like that raw Paramore angst and wisdom to inspire you to get that ticket No. Matter. What.

3. Look for People to Party (or Maybe Cry) With

We’re sure those who’ve gotten tickets and are surely going to the #Tour4 Manila have already announced it on their social pages. As for those who aren’t sure about it yet, well, you might want to post your own I-Need-A-Paramore-Ticket update and see who else are in your situation.

You might want to create a support group for yourself, or better yet… (See #4)

4. Beg for More Tickets!!!

It’s always easier to get tickets if you’re rallying with a group of friends. Try making an online petition, or maybe try spamming the band.

You never know, with how social media brings you so much closer to your favorite bands these days, they just might make the miracle happen for you!

5. Try Contests for Tickets

While you’re on your mission to get the band (or the producers/promoters) to add a date or even just more seats, you might want to search for contests online ot on-air for those coveted Paramore #Tour4 tickets!

But be sure your Paramore knowledge is updated, ’cause most of the time, band trivia or lyrics is what gets you that ticket.

6. Find Events Celebrating the Same Kind of Show

If all else fails, hey! There are a lot of other local shows from artists much like Paramore. Some events are even dedicated to whole Paramore albums, and the crowd is just as great!

Who needs Paramore concert tickets when you can find something similar (maybe even better) than Paramore in Philippines, right? An app can even find it for you—Afterparty: discover more events, meet people attending, and find contests to get you into the biggest events in Manila. Download it for free through the APP Store or PLAY Store now.