Tiny Moving Parts in Manila is happening on September 7, Friday at Skydome, Quezon City! And they’ll be performing with 3/3 as part of Bazooka Rocks.

After releasing their 2018 album, Swell, the band had a successful mostly-soldout US tour this year. And this month, Tiny Moving Parts in Manila is FINALLY happening! This is the very first time they’re visiting Asia, and their final stop is the Philippines.

Let the band send applause to your heartstrings! Give the official stream for Swell another listen as you hype yourself up for the upcoming show.

Swell is the band’s 5th release, after their 2016 album Celebrate. It’s been a while since the band released anything new, and we’re very excited to have the band visit the Philippines this year! F I N A L L Y.

For those who have been following the band since their first release in 2013, it’s been a looooong five-year wait. And we’re sure the trio is as excited to meet their Filipino fans, as excited as we are to see them perform live.

Our emo hearts are ready Matthew, Billy, and Dylan! And with the Filipino (or should we say Filipina) emo-punk band performing with them this Friday night, we’re sure it’ll be a night that cuts deep into our souls!

Catch Tiny Moving Parts in Manila on September 7, Friday at Skydome to fill your melancholic soul with the best memories! Ticket details here. And don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to see your photos, and post ’em here too.