Movements Live in Manila is happening this Sunday, and we’re PUMPED!

It’s a soldout show for Movements live in Manila. And the band even had to move to a bigger venue to accommodate Filipino fans coming to their show. Catch Patrick, Ira, Spencer, and Austin perform live at One Two Three Block Mandaluyong!

Aside from this show rocking your Sunday night, you know what the best part is? They will be performing with local bands!  And we’ve got the who’s who of everyone performing with the California-based punk rock group!

Here’s the list of local bands sharing the stage with Movements Live in Manila!

Import the World

Do you want to ride a skateboard, punch a toddler, or hang out with your best friend’s dog? This is what they sound like.

Listen to them here.


Are they bringing the skronk back for good? No one knows but be prepared for some Botch-ey goodness.

Listen to them here.


You probably have a professor who listens to (or plays in) a band like this. Imagine the Descendents or the Smoking Popes, except with people you could run into in real life.

Listen to them here.


Contemplative, contemporary, and blessed with some of the best merch collections in the game. Watch them live before they buy the shirt off your back.

Listen to them here.

Through the Waves

It’s a wash of things—mostly for people who want to feel, but don’t really want to talk at the moment.

Listen to them here.

Catch all these bands perform with Movements live in Manila on September 9, 2018! Show starts at 6PM, so be sure to finish your Sunday errands early. For tickets, don’t forget to check The Sleeping Boy Collective and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh for more updates!