The Bullet Dumas Feature Concert is happening this October!

Clear your calendars, ladies and gents, because the much anticipated, the first ever solo Bullet Dumas Feature Concert is happening next Friday, October 5, 2018!

This contemporary folk artist is going to take his usual live performances to the next level for the Bullet Dumas Feature Concert, happening at the Music Museum at 8:00 PM on the date above

‘Usisa’ being the concert title does spark interest on us, doesn’t it? So we say, let’s ‘g’ to his concert and find out! IYKWIM!

Get your tickets now!

We hope you’ve saved enough for this event! If you’re looking for more deets, then we’ve got you covered! Listed below are the list of prices for tickets and are you can get them at Ticketworld. You may also check it out on their facebook page!

₱2,500 V I P 
Reserved Seating
₱2,000 Orchestra Center
Reserved Seating
₱1,500 Orchestra Side 
Reserved Seating
₱800 Balcony 
Free Seating

Give yourself some pre-concert prepping!

Let’s get to know the man behind the microphone.

Bullet likes to do covers and he’s good at it! Like most covers, he has his own renditions but what makes his version different is how he adds quite a kick to the original melody making you appreciate the song in a different perspective.

We just love how low key funny this guy gets, especially on stage!

Did we mention that he had a collab performance with one of our favorite OPM artists, Clara Benin?

Guys, if you’re looking for a non-stop Bullet Dumas playlist to get you pumped up, ‘we got you’!

Now we’ve got you all setup!

Who’s ready to see the Bullet Dumas Feature Concert? Let us know on the comments section below! For more updates on your favorite artists, tune in to our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @UDoUph.