Oh, Flamingo! opens for Karpos Mix 3.3 and we are just so excited and very proud of this OPM band!

You’ve definitely heard that Cigarettes After Sex and our very own UDD will be playing for the last leg of Karpos Live. But what just reached us is that indie rock band Oh, Flamingo! opens for Karpos Mix 3.3! And we bet you are excited as much as we are. But first, what even awaits us for the Karpos Mix 3.3?

The Karpos Live Mix 3.3

Karpos Live Mix 3.3 is happening tomorrow, November 8 at the Vertis Tent, Quezon City. And we are positive you are already hyped for this much-awaited last leg!

Our very own Up Dharma Down, known for their hit songs ‘Tadhana’ and ‘Oo,’ is an OPM band set to perform with Cigarettes After Sex at the last leg of Karpos Live. Cigarettes After Sex is an American ambient pop band known for their chart-topping songs ‘Crush,’ ‘Apocalypse,’ and ‘K.’

Wanna know more about the main performer for Karpos Live Mix 3.3? Well, here’s our favorite song by Cigarettes After Sex entitled ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’!

What a very chill song that’d definitely make you light up a cig while looking out at the city lights, right?

But now, let’s talk about who will be the opening act for these two hot bands, alright? Because we bet you’re excited just as much as we are!

Oh, Flamingo as front act!

Oh, Flamingo! was announced to open the show at the Karpos Live Mix 3.3 just this Sunday, November 4.

Band members Howard Luistro (vocals/guitar), Pappu De Leon (guitar), Billie Dela Paz (bass), and Pat Sarabia (drums) will be gracing the event with their music to begin the night to remember.

Oh, Flamingo! started back in 2013 and made way into the Philippine music scene from then on. This hot band is known for their hit songs such as ‘Inconsistencies’ and ‘June.’

And while you’re counting down the hours until the Karpos Live Mix 3.3, enjoy the official music video of ‘Bottom Of This’ by Oh, Flamingo! that we have for you right here!

Opening acts are important in concerts, and what better band to do the front act, right? We are sure you are excited for the last leg of Karpos Live, especially with the music of Oh, Flamingo! as a very appetizing starter for the night!

Too hyped and can’t sit still? Then maybe you should listen to the tunes of Oh, Flamingo! while prepping for the Karpos Live Mix 3.3!

Are you excited as Oh, Flamingo! opens for Karpos Mix 3.3? What are you most looking forward to for the event? Tell us in the comment section below or send us a message in our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh! We’d love to hear from you!