HOTTEST EVENTS: Munimuni Concert

Munimuni Concert is right at our doorsteps! We’re all psyched to see them take the center stage at the Music Museum on November 15.

Just a few hours till the Munimuni Concert commences! The anticipated concert will set off at the Music Museum tonight, November 15. Presented by Dauntless Manila, we are expecting a great experience as Munimuni takes flight for this great night. And for every concertgoer out there, here are the things you must know to prepare your heart for this exciting night of music!

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If you still haven’t heard of Munimuni (are you freaking kidding me?), Munimuni is a five-piece indie band, specializing in their own genre called makata pop. Makata pop generally translates to Filipino poetry with a touch of pop beats as the band suggested in their past interviews. Their own genre sets them apart from other indie artists in the OPM industry because of the relatable Filipino poetry incorporated in their lyrics.

Their songs are written in pure Filipino that makes it relatable and easier to touch the hearts of their audience. Munimuni stays grounded to their soulful and touching songs that remain Filipino at heart, opposed to some mainstream songs in the local music scene. This gives a lot of reason for everyone to love the band and want more from them.

And now, with our prayers answered, Munimuni is ready to swoon us at their very first concert!

What to expect at the Munimuni Concert?

Of course, we expect the night to be filled with great music, duh! But we’re looking forward to burst out singing (and probably, in tears) when they sing our Munimuni song favorites. From ‘Sa Hindi Pag-alala,’ ‘Sa’yo’ and ‘Bukang-Liwayway.’

Here are some of their performances of our favorites to prepare your singing skills tonight!

Kakalimutan na kita
Siguraduhin mong hindi talaga pwedeng tayo
Napagisipan mo na ba
Dahil kakalimutan na kita
Ito na

Kailan kaya mahahalata
Ang pighati sa ilalim ng iyong mga tawa
Kahit mawala ka pa
Hinding-hindi mawawala
Ang damdamin ko’y sa’yong-sa’yo

These songs are seriously gonna make us ruin our makeup tonight, for realsies!

But wait, there’s more!

In case you missed it in the poster, Clara Benin and Reese Lansangan will also be there. These two astounding and talented ladies will be joining Munimuni at the stage. So, everyone is pretty hyped up since will be getting more of what we paid for. Yay! We always love guest performances from other artists!

We’re so excited to see Reese and Clara tonight! Who wouldn’t, right? They are such angels!

And the Munimuni concert golden ticket is truly golden! It’s not called golden for no reason, y’all! So you better prepare to make sure you’re all set for tonight’s concert. And be sure to binge on Munimuni’s song before heading out! Add them to your Spotify playlist and get on with the Munimuni hype!

Will you be #TeamBahay tonight? Or do you have the golden ticket as well? Let us know in the comment section below. Or hit us up on  Facebook, or tweet us @UDoUPh. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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