Prepare for an immense battle and test your MOBA skills for the upcoming Mobile Legends Game Night!

We heard you, people! That’s why Neutral Grounds brings Mobile Legends Game Night to your doorstep. Bring out the legend in you as you pave your way to victory with your team. Only at GameOver PH, from 6PM onwards on September 25!

If you missed out your favorite Mobile Legends tournaments for the past few months, then say no more! Because we got you! Together with Converge ICT Solutions, Neutral Grounds serves you one of the hottest games right now in an amazing event with your friends and favorite local streamers.

Mobile Legends Game Night gathers round all MLBB players from all over town. Everyone will have a chance to participate at the MLBB tournament to win amazing prizes. And be crowned as the night’s champion.

Not only that, but you can also play against your favorite streamers as well! Rumble Royale’s finest, Frhea Jaimil, Papa B and Imouto Sakura will be there! And who would forget Show My Rise, Ela Gaming and Tier One’s Boss Lucio, right? They are just a few of the prominent MLBB streamers but you’re surely in for a treat with them.

But wait, there’s more! There will be a few goodies to be given away by our sponsors. So you better haul yourself and your friends as early as possible. The early birds will get the early worms!

Excited? Be sure to bring you MLBB squad and grind to the top! Drop by at Neutral Grounds’ Mobile Legends Game Night at GameOver PH on September 25. See you there!

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