Are you ready for the scariest party of the year, UPLB? Metanoia 2018 is coming this Halloween month, so ready your scariest black and white costumes!

Metanoia 2018 is one of the hottest parties brought to you by the The UPLB Jocks. And this 2018, they’re serving you the scariest and creepiest Halloween bash you’ve ever seen.

Whether its white ladies, vampires, werewolves, and ghouls you’re scared of, or maybe even that dreaded thesis, that terror prof or, dare we say, seeing your ex on the street with their new lover, this party will not disappoint. It’s time to face your fears, hun!

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Performances from Laureen Vicente and DJ MiDi await you on the Metanoia night of terror, so you guys better get your tickets now!

And we’ve got the exclusive interview with Laureen right here!

How long have you been spinning?

Laureen: It has been 4 years since I started, but I really wanted to try it ever since I was in high school. I’ve been spinning locally in LB. Spun for Java Avenue, house parties, VetMed events, and at the first ever Metanoia… The crowd was AWESOME!!

So in these events, what kind of music do you usually play?

Laureen: Hip-hop, trap, EDM.

What should we expect on the night of Metanoia from you?

Laureen: We’ll, [DJ MiDi and I will], be spinning for 4 hours in total. It’s Halloween so we’re gonna put in some heavy, eerie basses, but we’re gonna slide in some hiphop for the dancers and top 40 hits for people who want to sing along.

And since there will be costumes involved, what are you wearing on Metanoia?

Laureen: I’m spinning in a black and white Halloween party, so… I’m going as Marshmello.

We can’t wait for that! Now we have to ask, who are your musical influences, who are your favorite artists?

Laureen: Hardwell and DJ Eric Forbes have great transitions! Kygo’s music gave birth to tropical house in the mainstream scene. Khalid hits home in every lyric. Chelsea Cutler makes me want to start my day right.

How about your favorite Filipino artists? Who are your favorites from the local music scene?

Laureen: Mayonnaise got me hooked to OPM. Love their music!

What is your spirit animal?

Laureen: Turtle. 🐢

We hope that doesn’t mean your set for Metanoia will be slow. We’re kidding. How about if you were a car, what kind of car would you be and why?

Laureen: A matte rose gold Fair Lady Z. Just the right amount of femininity.

We love it. And if you were a Filipino dish, what would you be and why?

Laureen: I’d be spicy sisig with cheese. Weird combination of random things, but ultimately, a good mix.

And since this event is a UPLB student party, we need to know—what do you love about (UP)LB?

Laureen: It’s a great break from the city. Hardly any pollution, cool breeze, and hardly any traffic.

Catch more of Laureen Vicente and DJ MiDi only at Metanoia 2018, the UPLB black and white party of the year!

Tickets are available from members of The UPLB Jocks. And you better to show ’em you have the AfterParty app on your phone for a hot discount ticket prices:

  • PRE-EVENT: Php 250.00
  • DOOR CHARGE: Php 280.00


Need ideas on what to wear to UPLB’s black and white party of the year? We got you!

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