The long wait is over. Matteo Guidicelli is finally releasing a new single, and he wants you to be part of the launch!

Two years after his last single was released, his fans are still on the edge waiting for his next song. And now it’s finally happening! Matteo invites us all to be a part of his single launch.

Matteo Guidicelli

He has been known for his major acting roles. Personally, Matteo’s role I loved best was the one in the 2017 hit romance drama ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, where he played Jason, Kathryn Bernardo’s groom to be. We have known him as an actor, but it turns out that there’s so much more to Matteo than just face value. The 29-year-old actor is not just good at acting. He has been known for his racing career, too, having started at the young age of 11, for which he has bagged numerous awards. Venturing the path of music is not surprising since Matteo can really sing well.

Whether it is acting, racing, or singing, Matteo has a way of throwing himself into everything he does. His being goal-driven is probably one of the reasons his fans are waiting for his every move! He makes sure that he puts his heart and his passion in every endeavor that he takes.

Sundo Guidicelli’s Single Launch

After Moira Dela Torre‘s much-loved rendition of the song by Imago, Matteo is braving the waters by bringing in his own rendition as well! And frankly, after the ‘Hey’ album, we’re so looking forward to it! If you think about it, ‘Sundo’ perfectly states Matteo’s message. It is about searching far and wide to feel someone special, which isn’t very far from his search for discovery. He has found a new home when he signed with Viva and started working on his music. We are to expect some alternative pop feel with a touch of acoustic pop to create the heartfelt version of Matteo’s ‘Sundo’.

The launch will be held on May 24, 2019, at The Music Hall at Metrowalk! Not only that, but the launch will also hold a special performance by Banda ni Kleggy. We promise that this is one event you wouldn’t want to miss!

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