This 2020, Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is celebrating its 10th year with music discovery, conversations and much more.

Since 2011, Volume Unit Entertainment has been pioneering music and arts festivals in the country. One of them is Malasimbo, which will also be celebrating its 10th year of continuing to uplift the Filipino music and arts scene this 2020. 

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If there is one thing that we want to see right now to take a break from all the stress we have been experiencing in our lives, it’s the simple beauty of nature. But honestly, that is a hard task right now because of the lack of green spaces in Metro Manila. Thankfully though, a beautiful paradise still happens to exist within Quezon City.

La Mesa Eco Park is a lush rainforest that has over one million trees and various species of flora and fauna. This year, it also happens to be the home of the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2020 where a diverse community of performers, artists, bands and music lovers will convene for an experience that is one of a kind.

Happening on February 29 to March 1, you should definitely check out Malasimbo and the activities that await you. Who knows, it might just be the weekend that your soul needs.

Unearthing activities for everyone

La Mesa Eco Park

For the whole family, Malasimbo has different activities prepared for each one to try out. To connect with your inner self, different art and wellness programs can be attended at the Narra Grove Pavilion. There, you could explore music inspirations and its healing effects, and find freedom and connection in mind and body. You can even craft masks with tools and materials found in nature or recycled trash.

For sunrise and sunset sessions, activities like meditation, yoga, dance, and journaling meant for energizing or winding down are planned. You can also participate in morning warm-up to mindful hikes, dance meditations, and before bed pampering. Family activities will be held at the swimming pool as well as a DJ party in which attendees can enjoy in the middle of the rainforest.

A music business conference for learning more about the industry

Under the shade of a hundred trees, a music business conference is slated to happen at the Drilon
Orchidarium. There, music lovers have the chance to exchange conversations with notable international music business executives who will also be discussing critical topics about the workings of the music industry.

Check out some of the keynote speakers for the event through the official poster below.

Music Business Conference Poster

Don Orchidarium will also hold the silent disco stage in the evening with bright festival lights beaming the trees.

A music festival for everyone to enjoy

Amphitheaters have been a staple of Malasimbo in delivering great sound. With La Mesa Eco Park’s very own amphitheater, Malasimbo is set to produce, once again, quality sound as attendees discover this paradise in the city. As the founder and festival director of Malasimbo – Miro Grgic – says,

[La Mesa Eco Park’s amphitheater] sounds good and reflects the exact same conditions of our last amphitheater. Sound travels in time and space at 343 m/s. It’s a science which if neglected, leads to poor sound and concert experience.

In the past years, Malasimbo has seen some of the world’s best jazz, soul, world, and dance music legends and contemporaries make their way into the country’s longest-standing festival. This year, artists line-up features a mix of international and local acts with Snarky Puppy’s Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles and Mike Love headlining the festival.

Joining Malasimbo are Melbourne hit-maker Laneous, Canadian keyboardist Anomalie, Colombian jazz pianist Jesus Molina Quartet, Italian guitarist Matteo Mancuso, and Uncomfortable Science. Local music artists include Brigada, jazz ensemble Project Yazz, and Talata ni Tala.

Alongside these artists, Malasimbo also brings in nine DJs with Up Dharma Down’s Ean Mayor, She’s Only Sixteen’s Roberto Seña, Deej Fabian, Bass Relief, Norris King, Put3ska’s Bing Austria, Rei Ka, DJ duo Bignay Sound System, and Jigga Who.

We don’t know about you, but Malasimbo sounds like one hell of a festival!

What do you think of this event though? Are you interested in attending this very special Malasimbo festival?

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