If you’re an aspiring musician, this is your chance to get free coaching sessions from the young masters, Paolo and Miguel Guico!

MYX, a music channel in the Philippines, proudly announces a webinar series for artists and musicians to learn the basics of songwriting from Ben&Ben frontmen, Paolo and Miguel Guico. It’s a series of free and intimate virtual coaching sessions kicking off its first episode this coming Saturday, September 26, at 4 in the afternoon.

The Guico brothers will gladly impart their expertise to all those music enthusiasts who have registered to this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Because this is Ben&Ben we’re talking about, the 100 spots available for the class were filled by passionate fans just after an hour since the registration was opened. These lucky participants will then be immersed in a fun and thrilling online learning experience via Zoom, led by two of the genius hitmakers behind the modern OPM masterpieces Kathang Isip, Maybe The Night, and Pagtingin.

After the first leg, MYX Musiclass will be staging two more learning sessions over the next couple of months. The second and third legs will focus on Music Production 101 and Vocal Performance 101, respectively.

Catch up with Ben&Ben on BBTV!

If you still haven’t found out about this little treat to their beloved fans, the nine-piece folk-pop collective has launched a weekly series on their official Youtube Channel called BBTV, which stands for Ben&Ben TV. It’s a variety of content from themed musical performances like KPOP covers, to other videos showcasing the more personal and entertaining side of the multi-awarded band.

The first season finale of BBTV just premiered over a week ago, which sees the band performing their reimagined version one of their latest hits, ‘Lifetime.’


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What’s your favorite Ben&Ben track?

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