Just in! LANY in Manila Day 2 is confirmed! Wipe those tears, honey. You still have the chance to see them live!

Don’t cry, sweetheart. I know you’ve all been preparing to buy your tickets. Everyone’s hyped and ready to battle for the Malibu Nights Tour tickets. People lined up at SM ticket outlets early in the morning and others have been refreshing their browser nonstop.

Unfortunately, the concert tickets sold out as fast as it arrived. Hearts broke as they’ve been dying to hear the trio perform live. Fortunately for you all, LANY has ultra love to give to their Filipino fans. And yes, LANY in Manila day 2 is confirmed!

Day 2 for Malibu Nights

The Malibu Nights Tour was supposedly a one night concert only. However, less than an hour after the beginning of the ticket selling, fans were going crazy. The lines every SM branch was so long and it’s difficult to purchase online due to traffic.

Rupert Lincoln, on the other hand, tweeted this that gave hope to LANY fans out there:

And now, it’s official everyone! The Malibu Nights Tour will have its second night happening on July 25, 2019. Tickets are to go on sale tomorrow (February 22) at exactly 12 noon. Tickets will be available at SM ticket outlets nationwide and online.

After all the pleading and appeal, I’m truly happy for everyone who’ll get another chance at buying tickets. Since I purchased my ticket for LANY earlier as well, here are some bits of advice that I could give!

-It’s actually better to purchase a ticket at SM ticket outlets instead of getting it online. The risk online is huge, there is no guarantee that you’d be able to get into the site, let alone the seat that you want.

-Line up early at the SM branch, right even before the opening time. And if you could, try to think of a branch that you’re sure no one usually comes to. It’ll help you not endure a long line that can lessen your chance to get a ticket before it sells out!

If you have a ticket for day one already, please give chance to others too! Good luck, everyone!

Do you have a ticket already? Are you one of the blessed ones with the announcement of LANY in Manila Day 2? Tell us the comment section below! If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to help you out!