‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ filled our hearts with so much longing and despair when it was first released that it had been a constant in our playlists ever since. Now to add to the fun, MilesExperience is launching the official music video for the song, and they want you to be a part of it!

It has not been a long time since MilesExperience came back from a year of idleness and graced us with their latest single called ‘Kahit Sandali Lang‘. And if anything, the song was effective in trying to make us feel s much longing and despair for the person we love. ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ basically talks about longing for a person so much that even one moment with would be enough to make you happy. Mind you, a moment is not a very long time. The song makes you feel like you’ve been waiting to be with the person you love forever, that nothing can calm your heart now. To give you a glimpse of how the song sounds, here is the official lyric video!


We have loved MilesExperience for the great quality music that they create. However, in the past months, we have come to see a side to them that we have never seen before. Obviously, 2019 is MilesExperience’s year! After being idle for almost a year, ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ served as their comeback single. Going back to their roots and redefining their purpose helped them realize what their music means to them. And now, we are able to see MilesExperience redefined by pushing through the setback. ‘Kahit Sandali Lang’ marks the end of that year of idleness, and now, they are crushing 2019 with consecutive blows and we’re all living!

Kahit Sandali Lang MV Launch

We couldn’t be more excited to hear about this MV Launch. After witnessing what transpired in their comeback gig, we certainly couldn’t wait to see how MilesExperience can make our music experience even better. This launch is one of the events we’d be looking forward to!

And of course, we’re not letting you off without knowing the details. The launch will be held on June 29, 8 pm, at The 70’s Bistro! What more, aside from witnessing the music video that MilesExperience will be releasing, we’d also get to watch awesome performances from Giniling Festival, Over October, ROUGE, FourPlay, Riot Logic, and Jello Reyes! Talk about a lineup! Door charge is Php 250, and a free drink is on them (*wink*).

Don’t think we’re done yet! These awesome MilesExperience bucket hats will also be available on the launch!

We can’t wait ’till the 29th! Are you as excited as we are for this launch? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’ll see you there!