It’s all about the disco on October 20th ’cause IV of Spades opens for Panic at the Disco in the Manila leg of the Pray for the Wicked tour!

This IV of Spades opens for Panic at the Disco news broke out in the interwebs just this week, and we cannot help but think, WHAT IF THEY HAVE A COLLAB? That would definitely be MIND BLOWING!

The last time this American pop-rock band was in the country, was in 2016. And we don’t know about you, but we think they definitely tore the house down! We even have a video to show you right here:

So ready those eyeliners and draw them thick! ‘Cause we’re putting this suggestion out there again, what if—and let us dream here, okay—what if IV of Spades opens for Panic at the Disco and even performs a song with them?

We mean, they’re both all about the disco, right?

Okay, don’t panic. It’s still just a dream, and not news (yet). But we have ur fingers crossed and maybe if we tweet Brandon and the boys enough, we might get what we’re hoping for. *wink*

Maybe we can even send the Panic boys something from the guys of IV of Spades, what do you think?

Perhaps this IVOShanti collab might show ’em how good our local boys are with collabs. Or maybe we can even send them a copy  IV of Spades’ latest single. What do you guys think?

Oh, all this waiting’s got us a little too excited to function!

How about you guys? What are you excited as IV of Spades opens for Panic at the Disco on their Mall of Asia Arena show on October 20? We definitely are! (We mean, with all these ~conspiracy~ theories, can’t you see our excitement?)

(PS: We know that it’s Panic! at the Disco, but with all these theories, we didn’t want to give ~ourselves~ a heart attack!)

But seriously speaking, do let us how you think about the whole IV of Spades opens for Panic! at the Disco news! We’ve got all the space in the world for you in the comments section below! Or you can even send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’ll be waiting!