We’ve been totally hyped about Metanoia—the black and white party of the year. And we all know that it’s going to be UPLB’s scariest party probably ever. So we’re left with another very important question.

We mean, with easy access to this event thanks to the AfterParty app, we know that WE’RE DEF ATTENDING! Metanoia: black and white party? We’re in! Which brings to that very, very important question we still need answers to: WHAT DO WE WEAR?

Well, don’t worry ’cause with only a few days to this HOT event, we have a few suggestions for you. Metanoia black and white party costumes? We’ve thought of everything for you.

1. (BLACK) A mouse, DUH.

Sure, you can be a sexy Catwoman like Gretchen, but being a black mouse like Karen is a muuuuch better conversation starter!

If anyone asks, you’re a mouse. DUH!

(And yes number, this was inspired by The UPLB Jock’s Metanoia black and white costumes pub)

2. (WHITE) Zombie Bride

In the regular world, Halloween is when children wear costumes and beg for candy.

In the girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut. And no other girls can say anything about it.

Not that we’re saying that you shouldn’t dress like a total, dare we say, slut. You do you, girl! We’re just saying, take your Mean Girl references to the next level and dress up as an Ex Wife. You’ll be so fEtCh!

3. (BLACK AND WHITE) Couple costume!

Thanks to UP Film Circle for this suggestion. It’s black, white, and well…electrifying!

We bet sparks will fly for any couple who’ll wear this one! And if you’re not part of a couple, that’s no problem. Download the AfterParty app right now and let everyone know you’re attending the Metanoia black and white party. Next thing you know, you’ll be messaging someone you can come as a couple with. *wink*

4. (Black…and white?) Dangerous Wizard

This one was actually suggested by a Jock herself. And tbh, we’re totally considering it! He-who-must-not-be-named? Scary. You-know-who as Ariana Grande? SCARY.


WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.

Phineas and Ferb might have finished, but Baljeet’s failed paper costume still haunts us to this day. (NO STOP, REMINDING US ABOUT ACADS PLEASE! This is a party. *cries uncontrollably*)

6. (BLACK) Sultry Nadine Lustre

Remember, in girl world, Halloween is one of the nights a year you can unleash that sexy beast. And the Metanoia black and white party gives you that too *wink!* (Goldfish not included.)

(White variant)

Girl, bring that sexy back!

7. (WHITE) Iñigo Pascual Astro-chic

We’re sure that some of you guys wanted to be an astronaut when you were kids. Well, here’s Iñigo Pascual reminding you to never give up on your dreams!

(Black variant)

The girls can’t have only the other variant, now could they?

So here’s for all the guys who, erm, might have wanted to be a bag when they were kids? We don’t know anymore, tbh.

8. (VALAK or white) THE NUN

This is one of the scariest, creepiest movies of the YEAR! And we’d be quite disappointed if we don’t see this at the Metanoia black and white party!

So impress us, UPLB! We want to see the hottest costumes at the Metanoia black and white party tomorrow, October 11 at the Villa Adela Resorts, Laguna. We’ll be there by 8PM to check out your black and white outfits, and take photos of the best (and worst dressed). So bring your A-game on!

Let us know what you’re wearing for the Metanoia black and white party in the comment section below. Better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh if you want us to add more suggestions on this list.