From spooky ghosts, scary monsters, and your favorite characters, there’s just an infinite number of halloween costume ideas that you could think of! But this year, how about dressing up as your favorite artists instead?

Each year, individuals transform themselves into whatever and whoever they want to be when the halloween season arrives. And it can’t be denied that there’s always an explosion of creativity as people explore halloween costume ideas.

That’s why it’s no mystery that this is one of our favorite seasons of the year! And this halloween, why not dress up as your favorite musician for the party/parties you’re going to attend?

Don’t worry, you won’t run out of ideas! ‘Cause we have the halloween costume ideas you need right here.

International classics

Globally-known musicians have always been a favorite inspiration for costume ideas. Though many have tried the looks of these famous artists, why not give it a try yourself? Or maybe you could add your own twist to it!

1. Spice Girls

Who doesn’t want to dress up as their favorite spice girl, right? 90’s English pop group is still a favorite up until now!

And the best part is, your squad doesn’t even have to be an all-girl group! If your guy friends have the balls to wear become baby, sporty, ginger, scary, or posh spice—then why not? Spice up you life and u do u!

2. The Beatles

This English rock band has been a costume favorite even during photoshoots. So why not do your very own version with your squad, right?

And again, you don’t have to be all-guys for this one! We’d love to see the girl version of George, Ringo, John, and Paul too!

3. Queen

Dreamt of performing the epic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? Well, you surely can as long as you gather your band for this halloween costume idea—moustache and crazy hair have to be included!

4. Elvis Presley

Yep, be that guy—or girl—at the party. Summon your inner king (or queen!) of rock and roll with a so-70s inspired Elvis Presley look.

5. Britney Spears

Or of course, you can be that girl—or guy! For the sexy red hot femme fatale out there,  this iconic red Britney Spears jumpsuit is all you need.

From the big screen to you!

Are you a fan of theater musicals or musical films? How about you come to the next halloween party as your favorite character from these musicals?

1. Les Misérables

Why not try dressing up as Jean Valjean? (Chains included!)

…or maybe even Eponine? (#HugotVibes may or may not be included.)

On my own

Pretending he’s beside me

Or maybe you can gather all your friends and dress up as the cast of this hit musical!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!

2. Wicked

Whether you wanna be the Wicked Witch of the West, the Wizard of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch, or any other characters from the Wicked Musical, we are sure that it will all be a great costume idea!

3. The Sound of Music

This is definitely a great halloween costume idea that you could work on with your family and relatives!

4. Lizzie McGuire The Movie

A fan of Lizzie McGuire and this favorite trio who sang ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’? Because if you are, this is going to be a cute costume for you and two of your friends.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a photo of fans who did exactly that!

Don’t get the reference? Don’t worry, we have the video right here for you!

5. The Greatest Showman

This hit musical film took the world by storm, and maybe you should get costume ideas from this movie and have the greatest costume at your party. Because The Greatest Showman definitely has some crazy costumes!

Favorite OPM artists

And of course, let’s show some love to the Philippine music scene, and add the styles of these amazing OPM bands. Yep, why not go to hottest halloween parties as these musicians?

1. Where’s Ramona?

Love floral? Well, Where’s Ramona? loves flowers too! Be a sunshine this halloween by adding beautiful flowers to your outfit—just like these reckless romantic singers!

Learn more about them here!

2. BennyBunnyBand

This alternative indie band is surely living up to their name with their get-up! How about going as a cute bunny this halloween? Those onesies definitely look adorable!

3. Tanya Markova

Wanna be spooky on the halloween party you’re going to? Then we highly suggest going as the Tanya Markova because this band sure looks ready for halloween!

4. Ben&Ben

Are you a guy who has a beautiful long hair? Or have you always wanted to buy yourself a wig? Then find the Ben to your Ben, and dress up the adorable Miguel and Paolo from Ben&Ben!

Or if you have a brother, then this costume idea is for you!

5. Unique Salonga

Want a solo costume idea? Then we have Unique Salonga and his simple but unique style right here for you!

6. IV of Spades

Who doesn’t love the style of the hot band IV of Spades? We’re sure you’d rock this classic look!

And hopefully, there’s a disco ball to the halloween party you’re attending to match your look!

So what are you wearing for halloween? Let us know in the comment section below! Or maybe you have other halloween costume ideas you want to see here. Let us know by sending us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love add more to this list, especially if it comes from you guys!