Play. Drink. Enjoy! Game Over Respawn celebrates 3 exciting years of rampage and they want us to be part of the celebration!

Sometimes, the noise of the city can really be deafening. More often than not, we’re always looking for places to hang out but living in the city usually, means raves, and they can be very loud.

For some like me, who’s always in the mood for just some downtime with friends, having great food, drinks, games, and some music — is heaven sent!  Good thing Game Over is here to satisfy all our needs!

Located in Quezon City, Game Over is the picture perfect place to enjoy time with friends because let’s face it— it’s a place that is very accommodating of everyone.

The original concept came from its owner — whose a gamer himself, he decided to build his own sanctuary where he can display his collection of games. A true gamer indeed!

He fused in the usual happy hour with our favorite game night! So if you are the type that’s up for a drink? They serve alcoholic drinks and cocktails! But, what’s good is the menu offers you a wide array of non-alcoholic drinks too including fruit and milkshakes! They also offer great food! From light snacks to filling rice meals, you’ll definitely find everything you need at Game Over. The place is a sure family-friendly spot that has a great ambiance.

Food is life, yes, but let’s not forget the store’s claim to fame — the fact that they have games available for customers to enjoy. For a fee, you can enjoy console games and even play table tennis. Oh, and board games, too! Beer pong? Not a problem! They have it all. If you’re also up for a karaoke battle and just want to let it all out on the microphone, Game Over also has two Karaoke rooms that you can enjoy with friends!

3rd Anniversary Party

On June 7, 2019, the store will see a celebration that’s a little bit extra! Thriving with a lot more energy as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary with a party you won’t forget! And it’s one night you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Thinking of joining? we got you covered fam! we’ve got all the details you need. If you’re planning to go, you’re in for a lot of treats! For only Php299, you’d be able to enjoy unlimited beer AND cocktails! How about that? They also have a 1+1 Black Label and Jack Daniel promos. You can also go and party hard with their guest DJs, MJ and Nathan!

For more information about reservations for tomorrow night, the store has provided an official number you can call (09453355333). You can also check their Facebook page. I don’t know about you, but this is certainly a very exciting event. What are you waiting for? Book your reservations now!

Oh and if you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t fret — they have more games coming in! And some of those would be in partnership with yours truly (UDOU).

So, let’s hop on to QC and check them out!