The Eastern Love Letters Music Video Launch is almost upon us, and we are counting down the days and hours until the premiere of Edward Ramirez’ official music video for his hot new single!

Edward Ramirez’ single entitled ‘Eastern Love Letters’ was made available to everyone just September of 2018. Now, people are clamoring to witness the premiere of his Eastern Love Letters Music Video Launch happening on Friday, November 9!

Alternative pop artist Edward Ramirez draws his musical influence from an eclectic array of alternative and indie rock acts. His compositions are very emotional to say the least. Edward’s music has enhanced quality because of the emotions and experiences etched in his lyrics that a lot of listeners could relate to.

Alongside Edward Ramirez, attendees would be able to have night filled with music with other amazing artists! With special performances by:

Navy Blues
-2 Years Apart
July XIV

…and more!

Edward Ramirez’ ‘Eastern Love Letters Music’ Video Launch is happening on November 9 at Urban Flavors Food & Events Place at 8PM. And if you’re very interested to attend but on a tight budget, don’t worry! There is no door charge!

Yup, you definitely read that one right! The music video launch is free! So what are you waiting for? If we were you, we’d be clearing up our Friday night schedule and head off to this exciting unveiling of Edward Ramirez’ music video. Not only that, but you’d be able to enjoy a night filled with other amazing performances!

But wait, there’s more in store for you!

New music video and amazing performers in one night PLUS free entrance? What more can you ask for, right? But to top it all of, seems like attendees would be having more treats for the night!

Who doesn’t love hearing new songs especially live? We know we do! And thanks to this ‘Eastern Love Letters’ Music Video Launch, we’re promised to have a great Friday night!

Make sure you’re ready to head off to Urban Flavors this Friday by adding this single to you playlist NOW!

Will you be attending the Eastern Love Letters Music Video Launch? What are you most excited about? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below! Or if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to message us on Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to help you out!