To complete the feels of their song, Madeline’s Di Bale Na Lang Music Video Launch is happening soon!

Alternative pop band, Madeline, will soon be launching the music video of their latest single, ‘Di Bale Na Lang’. Presented by Yellow Room Music PH, Madeline will kick start their latest track’s MV launch with other bands. The MV launch will take place on March 19, 8:00 pm at the 70’s Bistro.

Madeline believes that most songs we hear are “dead serious about love and life”. Which is technically true. Majority of the songs nowadays, focus on telling dark and deep stories about romance and life. However, the band begs to differ. In ‘Di Bale Na Lang’, takes it up a notch with their catchy and fun take on waiting for someone in vain. The band dedicates the song to those people whose crushes straight-up ignore them every single time, despite their advances. They said, ” Di bale, hindi lang naman sila ang nag-iisang crush natin.”. Funny yet true. ‘Di Bale Na Lang’ isn’t just a mere upbeat song but it resonates with people who have experienced the same tale it tells. And fans are excited to see what visuals the song has to offer.

It’s a week away, till Yellow Room and Madeline unveils the music video. But they do have a lyric video available. And you can definitely sing along it if you want. The music arrangement of the song is fun, just like the lyrics. I mean, we’ve all probably had our hopes up over some dumb crush before. But Madeline tells us that there’s more to life than just one crush.

Joining Madeline in the MV Launch are Mayonnaise, I Belong to the Zoo, Narcolepsy, Lem David and Mntklya. There will be a Php 300 door charge. But either way, that’s worth the good music and fun you’ll encounter there!

Excited for Madeline’s Di Bale Na Lang Music Video Launch? Will it be light like the songs beat or dark like the lyrics of the song? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.