It’s confirmed guys and gals! Daniel Caesar is having a concert in Manila, and it’s the best surprise we’ve had in a while!

Daniel Caesar surprised most Filipino fans by posting an Instagram story of him in a car, with the radio playing ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, the location set to Manila, Philippines. I know, you probably went “Wait, what???” But, yes! Daniel Caesar is set to have a concert in Manila on July 23!

Why we love Daniel Caesar

We have come to love the Canadian singer for his soulful songs. But did you know that he independently built his empire with the release of his first two EPs, ‘Praise Break’ and ‘Pilgrim’s Paradise’, before the release of his debut album that we now know of? His impressive voice and music have garnered him several critical acclaims, which is not surprising at all!

When I think of just relaxing and chilling, a Daniel Caesar song would be the first choice for it. His songs reference a lot from his gospel upbringing, and he’s not ashamed to use this to his advantage.

Personally, my favorite track of  his is ‘Best Part’, not because it’s what’s more famous, but because it speaks so softly about small experiences and it’s so detailed that it makes you go “Yes, this is how falling in love feels like.” Because you’ve experienced feeling the same way towards another person. Daniel Caesar’s songs are the type that when you listen to it, a person comes to mind because that’s just how relatable they are.

The best part of 2019!

So, yes, the concert is finally on its way and we’re convinced this could be the best part of 2019! Besides, all the hype on the internet proves it all.

The reason the singer was in Manila in his IG stories was that he visited Tarlac prior to the show. Tickets started selling last Saturday!

What are you waiting for? Hurry and get your tickets before it sells out and we’ll see you there!

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