Indie-folk collective Ben&Ben will be releasing their international single ‘Doors’ this Thursday, April 16, through Sony Music.

A celebration event will follow Saturday, April 18, on their youtube channel to raise funds for the country’s COVID-19 responses.

A live event


A collaboration between Sony and Youtube, this live-streaming event is set to begin at 7:00 PM, treating fans to a set of musical performances starting with ‘Doors’ and a selection of tracks from their certified Platinum and best-selling 2019 debut album, LIMASAWA STREET. Due to physical limitations, each member of the band will be live-streaming their performance from their respective houses, where they will play in their signature 3 by 3 format. The live stream stays on youtube after the event as a video on demand.

Ben&Ben states:
“Doors is one of the most personal songs that we’ve written. It’s about passive-
aggressiveness, how it can ruin relationships, and how anyone can be on either
the sending or receiving end of it. So much of the hurt in the world now, much of
which we all experience daily as well, is caused by people not speaking what is really on their minds…

We drew on our emotions on these topics to craft the melodies, riffs, beats, and textures of the song. It was done so quickly; one day we were jamming the song, and a few days after we already had the track on record. Everyone just performed their most raw and pure feelings to make the arrangement.”

A fundraising drive


Aside from inspiring people through their music, the special Youtube live event also aims to raise funds for COVID-19 response efforts in the country. Last month, Ben&Ben represented the Philippines in Sony Music‘s pool of Asian artists who performed a heart-warming rendition of Eric Chou’s “Forever Beautiful. Proceeds from the song were donated to Han Hong Love Charity Foundation for those areas in the region greatly affected by the global pandemic crisis.

For ‘Doors’, Ben&Ben worked with big, foreign production artists, with Grammy award-winning engineer Miles Walker for the mixing,  Leon Zervos for the mastering. Fans can expect more new songs from the band throughout 2020.

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