syd hartha is finally launching a music video for her single, ‘ayaw’! And we think it’s just about time. She’ll be holding a launch, so don’t forget to be there!

It’s only been 2 months since syd hartha released her latest single called ‘ayaw‘. But it already feels like we’ve been waiting for this music video forever! The gods have heard us and now she’s releasing the official music video for it. And what better way to celebrate it but through a launch! Don’t worry, we’ve got all the deets you need!

While we’re at it, let’s make sure you know what you’re getting into. Check out this cool lyric video for ‘ayaw’!

ayaw by syd hartha

‘ayaw’ sparked a lot of conversation for the sensitive topic it tackles. syd definitely knows how to keep people talking, but we doubt that’s her purpose! We think it’s amazing that she uses her platform to spread awareness about issues in the society that are timely and relevant. Because as much as art can be a form of expression, one can also choose to use it for the enlightenment of many.

In her song, ‘ayaw’ syd takes a personal perspective on the topic of rape culture and victim-blaming. And if you listen to it, you could feel like you’re experiencing it firsthand. And it’s not comfortable, but that’s the point. It’s NEVER going to be comfortable. One reason for rape culture thriving is when people can’t understand when other people say “No,” to them. It can be interpreted in a lot of ways. And let’s be real, today’s culture might have distorted what the word “no” is supposed to mean. Well, in case we all needed clarification, syd sings in her song, “‘pag sinabi kong ayaw, ayaw ko talaga ‘di ako nagpapapilit.”  No means no, people.

ayaw music video launch

This being said, we’re so excited to see the music video and how they would portray this sensitive topic in visual form! It can only be so amazing. For this, syd will be holding a music video launch on August 16th! Visit Jess & Pat’s at 8 pm to hear not only syd, but other great performers like Oh, Flamingo!, kiyo, Coeli, Alisson Shore, Pinkmen, and Nathan & Mercury! It’s a lineup to look forward to, and for a door charge of only 250 PHP, you also get a free drink. I don’t know about you, but I’m in!

We’re just so stoked about this music video launch! Are you excited to watch syd hartha’s official music video for ‘ayaw’? Let us know in the comments, or message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.