This time, it’s all about As We Proceed! And yes, this is your most-awaited part two of what to expect in the finals for All The Way Up.

As We Proceed—what’s that? We hyped you guys up real good with the part one of what to expect in the finals, introducing you to our guest judges and our talented All The Way Up contestants. But we’ve got a lot more in store for you. So sit tight, because we’re pouring you all the need-to-know ‘deets’ for this Sunday’s event!

As you all know, ATWU would not be possible without the rock solid partnership between Afterparty & Rockwell. With these two forces combined, it’s definitely going to be an epic night for all of us! Be there at Meralco Theater on October 21, 2018 (Sunday).

For the past 9 legs, we’ve witnessed the crews from all over the Metro showoff their impressive performances! We’ve been taken afloat a whirlwind of emotions in this ATWU journey! And now it’s time for our dance idols, the 2018 World Dancestar Champions, Rockwell, to blow us off our seats! Show ’em how it’s done, fam!

In their their 3rd annual dance concert called As We Proceed 2018, Rockwell is sure to serve us a sizzling plate of world-class choreography! And we’re beyond excited to witness the sickest moves you’ve ever seen, and dopest beats you’ve ever heard.

Hyped yet? That’s just the beginning!

Now, how big is Rockwell’s ‘As We Proceed’ Dance Concert exactly?

Fam, if you’re a big fan of the dance movie series ‘Step Up’ then you’re soooo in for a treat!

ANGAS. We’re getting the chills, y’all! Can’t wait to see ‘em break the stage!

Rockwell has rehearsed day in, day out just to put together a wildly inspiring production. Dedicated in expressing their passion and art through dancing, the Rockwell family explains that ‘As We Proceed’ 2018 has a lot more meaning to it than we thought.

We’ve even got our very own Victor Pring toe interview the Rockwell family!

Get a gist of what to expect on the concert from Rockwell themselves!  Watch it here:

Getting up close and personal with this awesome squad def gave us goosebumps!

We’re all touched about how much these guys want to give back to everyone—whoever supported and cheered for them. ‘As We Proceed’ 2018 is quite a fitting representation for Rockwell, isn’t it? ‘Cause for every step and every turn, is dedicated to their continuing success in the dance industry. How dope is that?

Don’t stress too much about joining us at All The Way Up Grand Finals and As We Proceed Dance Concert ’cause aside from the affordable tickets; our entrance pass is just within your reach!

Since this is exclusively a ‘No App, No Entry’ event, don’t forget to show your AfterParty app on your smart phones upon entry!

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We’re definitely counting the days and hours ’til it’s Sunday!

See you guys on Oct. 21, 5PM at Meralco Theater!All the way up!

Convinced enough with part 2 of what to expect for the finals? It’s ALL THE WAY UP 2018, y’all! And if you got any more stuff you’re hoping to see for All The way Up Grand Finals and Rockwell’s As We Proceed dance concert, hit us up! Leave a comment below or check us out on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @UdoUph!