Driven by a passion for both music and people, Acel is a voice you might wanna hear! She’s launching her single, ‘Pitik Bulag’ and she’s inviting all of us!

We’re so excited! Acel Basa or simply known as Acel is about to release her new single called ‘Pitik Bulag’. Who is Acel and what is this song going to be about? You’re about to find out!


Who is Acel? We asked the same question, too. Acel may be a particularly new name for some of us and some of us may even think that we’re here to get to know an artist that we haven’t heard before. On the contrary, Ace has been active in the scene ever since the early 2000s. Today, we hear singers like Moira Dela Torre and others reviving Moonstar88’s ‘Torete’. It’s also a classic beginner guitarist fave. Did you know that Acel was the sweet voice behind the song? After parting ways with the band in 2004, Acel re-introduced herself as a solo artist in 2007.

Just a year after that, she has already produced her first solo album called ‘Silver Lining’. However, when she became pregnant with her first babe, the efforts on touring and promoting the album became limited. She has then sung official soundtracks for Pinoy telenovelas, never seemingly hitting a huge breakthrough.

If you think about it, timing seldom worked in her favor, but Acel never stopped creating the music that she is passionate about. With her baby, Tashi, being born, she found a new purpose and decided to found an organization that helps underprivileged kids out of poverty. This passion for both music and people translates through Acel’s songs! Just recently, she has released an EP called ‘Hello to Heaven’ with tracks like ‘Liliwanag’ which tells us about her desire to helo the poor and victims of injustice.

Pitik Bulag

For another bonus fun fact, this song is actually based on the traditional Filipino game of the same name. In the said game, one player would cover his eyes and would have to guess how many fingers the other player is flashing once the hand is flicked.

According to Acel, “a relationship is not a game that someone should win.” You really can pick up a lot from this phrase. Sometimes in arguments, we tend to fight to prove that we are right. But in Acel’s own words, “Sometimes even if you are right, but if your spouse has been hurt with the words you said or what you did, then you are already wrong.” This statement really makes a lot of sense. Nowadays, it’s more important for people to win an argument, even if it means losing the person they love entirely. But we have to learn to be forgiving in order to stay in love.

Relationships are like a guessing game, but it gets even more beautiful in time! Acel, having been married for 15 years, probably have learned this in the best possible way. This being said, we can’t wait to hear her new song and the wisdom it could impart to us!

Single and Music Video Launch

The launch will be held on July 18 at Jess & Pat’s! Show starts at 7 pm, so don’t be late! Aside from hearing the single and seeing the music video, you could also expect great performances from Munimuni, Hulo, Over October, EJ De Perio, and Blind Stereo Moon. How about that?! The ticket is 3oo Php with free drink and fries (okay, you had us at free fries!). Not only that, but there’s going to be an open mic!

This is surely going to be a great and enjoyable event! We also can’t wait to hear ‘Pitik Bulag’! Who are you bringing to the single launch? Tell us in the comment section down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.