We love this gig ’cause it’s not only a about bands, but also about literature! Yep, it’s going to be lit. So on September 20, get ready for the book launch of Ian Penn’s very first poetry book called What Happens To A Dream? Vol. One.

The book launch for What Happens to A Dream? Vol. One is part of the March of the Penguins series (now on its 56th), and will be held at Route 196. Ian Penn will also be performing with other OPM acts, and we have more details about them below!

Ian Penn

Ian Penn is a singer-songwriter from Mt. Arayat, Philippines. His songwriting was nurtured in the quiet of the countryside and on wide open highways. Raised by a family of music lovers and musicians, he started writing songs at 16 inspired by Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. His onstage charisma and undeniable musicality captivated audiences, rapidly gaining him a following of fans in Metro Manila.
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Also performing:

Hanna + Gabi

Mikey Amistoso is also the frontman for Manila-based band, Ciudad. Hannah + Gabi is his outlet for his quieter, mellower songs.
Listen to them here.

The Geeks

And Indie band Made up of Mags Borbon, Brian Sangco, Jam Lorenzo, and Nigel Cristobal.
Listen to them here.


An unrelenting creative force, the combination of Run Dorothy’s Dee Cruz and The Purplechickens’ Aldus Santos is as exciting as it is heavy. Marrying Santos’ storytelling with the unexplored depth of Cruz, their sound, their music is all-new but familiar.
Listen to them here.


Made up of Andy Estalilla, Reg Hernandez, Lui Gonzales, Doy Lagos, and Randy Maghari.
Listen to them here.

The Borrachos

A folk rock/blues band made up of Paul Puti-an, Piano Raffie Miranda, and Ronn Sana.
Listen to them here.
This book launch is part of Ian Penn’s  Philippine tour, and we’re excited to hear him perform, and even read some of his poetry! Be sure you’re there by 9PM at Route 196, Katipunan QC. And if you need more details, just hit us up at Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.